Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Year old virgin hair!

Happy Happy Birthday Kaitlyn Dear! 

I can't believe it, my little Kaitlyn is turning 12 this week!  She is our 4th child.  It is sort of freaking me out!  I remember the night she was born like it was seriously yesterday!  My life was changed forever!  I love my Kaitlyn Jessica Brande!  She has brought more joy and happiness to my life than she will ever, ever know!  She might be able to understand a tiny inkling of how much I love her when she becomes a mother herself one day. 

I make my girls wait until they are 12 before I will color their hair.  Such a mean mom, huh?  It is a commitment that once you start, you have to keep up!  It is nice being a hair dresser and being able to do it my self though.  I added up what I save my family in one month.  About $275.00 by being able to do their their hair. So glad I can help out.  Virgin hair is hair that has never every had hair color on it.  It is sort of a rush when you have virgin hair to work with.  We did a couple shades of blonde and love how it turned out!  My little girl is growing up! 

Finished Product! 

What do you think?  She loves it.  I am excited for her to go to school on Wed. and see if her friends notice.  She is resisting the urge to put a picture on Instagram because she wants her friends to be surprised!  Do you remember when you were 12 and those were the type of things you had to worry about?  Definitely no Instagram was around but life seemed much, much more simple!  That is for sure!

So, my Younique news of the week is that I officially earned my Fast Start today!  That means I have reached the totals needed to qualify and so now I get $500.00 in FREE product!  Plus, I get to be entered in the drawing for a cruise for two!  How cool is that!  I would love to win but even to be put in the drawing is an honor!  There are only currently about 15 people in the drawing so my odds of winning are amazing!  I don't know if I will  be able to sleep tonight, I am so excited!  Wish me luck!  I will keep you posted! 

Happy New Year! 



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