Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I lost 200 lbs today!

I love the new year!  I love dejunking!  I got rid of  six garbage bag full of stuff I don't want anymore today and it feels magnificent!  I was getting low on hangers (  there are a lot as I am sure you can imagine in a house of 9) and thought about buying some but decided to just get rid of some of my clothes instead to free some up! 

Another thing I have promised my self to get more in control of this year is the mis-matched socks in my house!  I had two big baskets full and counted 174 socks!  That is ridiculous!  I saw a cute little sign that had 6 close pins attached to it that you were supposed to display your mis-matched socks on.  Ya right!  I would need a grundle of those signs!  So, my sis gave me the idea to have each person have their own mesh bag that they put their socks in when they are dirty, then I wash and dry the whole bag, then give it back to them to mate themselves!  Great idea, huh!  That is if I can get everyone to cooperate!  Wish me luck! 

 As I mentioned in my last post,  our daughter Kaitlyn turned 12!  That is a big one!  Lots of changes!  Her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden so I checked her out of school for lunch and we enjoyed a meal with just the two of us!  For the first almost 3 years of her life, it was just me and her all day.  The time just the two of us get to spend together now is rare.  We savor each second!  I told her I was going to be a mean mom and not take her back to school.  She was going to have to run errands with me.  Sad, huh!  I am so mean!  We had a wonderful day together.  I could not be more proud of her and the beautiful young woman she is becoming. 

This is a little belated because she had her recital before Christmas but I wanted to attach the video of her singing Santa Baby.  She has been taking voice lessons and in my opinion is doing amazing! 

Gavin drew a picture of me with a big belly and a baby in it.
Had to show off my cute, little nephew Gavin.  My sister is due in 3 weeks with her fourth and she is having another boy.  Today he drew a picture of her with her baby in her tummy.  Is that the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I love his little face.  He is one of the sweetest little kids I know. 
I love Gavin!  

Our silly Lilly
One night Lilly tried to put a TON of her toys down her zip up jammies.  There were probably as many that would be equivalent to the size of a basketball.  She really was planning on sleeping that way and was sure not happy with me when I told her she couldn't!  I am the meanest mom in the world.
My Younique News of the Week! 
Leggies are still HOT, HOT, HOT!  Out of 3,000, there is only less than pairs 900 left!
I have about 4 pair at my house in South Jordan, UT and then I ordered 10 more today.  People love just picking them up from me to avoid paying shipping!  Only $20.50 per pair. 

Save 20% by purchasing the whole Moodstruck Collection
Includes 1 set of Fiber Lashes
4 Mineral pigment eye shadows of your choice
Set of 3 make-up brushes
Younique's sexy black case to keep in all in! 
I love the case so much that I leave it on my counter all
the time! 
All for only $99.00

Younique's Mineral pigment eye shadows come in 15 colors


 They stay on all day!
Don't crease!
Can be applied wet or dry!
I am in love with this product!

Younique also just made the announcement that anyone who makes green status
by September will get a FREE 5-6 day TROPICAL CRUISE for them and a guest!
Guess what one of my New Years Resolutions is for 2013? 
To take my hard working hubby on that cruise!
I am so excited!  I love cruises and we haven't been on one for a few years. 
I will be there! 

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