Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Womens Expo 2013 UVU


Our Younique booth!

Kim Howard and I

Wearing Regal (which is a vibrant purple) as eye liner.  I love it
 and get tons of compliments.  I love purple with blue eyes. 

One of the darling gals that I got to put make-up on, Susan.

Two cute girls that I met that scheduled Younique Virtual parties!

I asked this cute lady if I could take a picture with her because she reminded me so much of my Grandma Bradshaw, more so when she had her glasses on. 

My oldest daughter brough my youngest daughter to visit. 

Putting make-up on my oldest daughter, Janessa.

We love Younique!

Melanie, Sandi and Kim. 

Jess O. is an amazing professional make-up artist and is also a Younique Presenter!

A cute little girl who stole my heart.  This is Ashlee.  She is 12.  I asked her who her favorite Princess was and she said Tinkerbell.  I told her my favorite was Princess Ashlee.  She got all excited and clapped and smiled.  She was adorable.  I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home!

Jess O.,  Melanie, Jess, Sandi, and Kim

Another one of me and Ashlee and her brother. 
Melanie did an awesome stage Presentation where she did a girl named
 Shay's make-up.  She did a fantastic job. 

Shay before any Younique Products.

With one eye with mineral eye pigments on. 

Both eyes with mineral eye pigments. 

Lining her eyes with our liner brush.  I don't even buy eye liner anyore, I just get my liner brush a little wet and then dip it in the natural pigments.  That way I can have many, many colors of eye liner!  It s so much fun and stays on so well! 

Shay getting the 3D Fiber Lashes made from green tea fibers. 

All finished with concealer, eye pigments, 3D lashes, and mineral
pigments on her lips as well.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?
Scheduling another one of my 15 Virtual Parties I scheduled in 2 days!
Go team Younique!
We now have 518 Presenters signed up with Younique!  They have already had to move to a larger warehouse also becuase we are growing like crazy!  It is an amazing groud floor opportunity! 
Angels for Aspen
My friend Michelle from beauty school has a beautiful nine year old daughter.  She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that was recently removed.  Because the nerves are so close and so fragile, 1/2 of her face is paralyzed and she is deaf in one ear.  She is having to learn how to swallow again.  Hopefully all these little set backs will be temproary.  I hosted a virtual party in her honor to help with the costs of medical expenses.  I am excited to take a check over to her family.  Thank you to all who placed orders to help this sweet litle one.  I appreciate you love an support. 
Have a great week everyone!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Junior Prom! TOP 22 reasons to host a Virtual Party!


Junior Prom at Bingham  Mar. 2013

Whitney Lee Hermansen

Whit and the proud Dad. 

Whit and her cute date Aerik.  They work together at Red Robin.

Traditional picture.  Whit always wants me to pin on the boutineer and so then I make her let me take a picture where it looks like she pinned it on herself.  I love the look on his face.  To me he is thinking, "Wow, you look gorgeous!  I am one lucky guy!"  Do you think I am right? 

I love too how excited her little sisters
get to see her go to Prom!  It will
be them before we know it!

Should we take the Mini van parked
out front?  Na, let's take the limo!  Can
you say spoiled?  So fun!


I love when we don't have to buy
dresses!  Her sweet friend let her
borrow this and since she is 5' 10",
we had to add three inches of satin
to the bottom so it was long enough.
Thanks to my mom for teaching
me how to sew so we didn't have to
pay to have it lengthened!

   Bye kids!  Have a fun time and be safe!


My Younique news of the week! 

Younique's virtual parties are becoming more and more popular!  They are catching on!  Here is what one girl won for hosting a virtual party! 
Amazing, huh?  Wouldn't you want to earn all this for FREE???  Host a virtual party!  Here are the top 22 reasons you should. 

The print is pretty small so here are the reasons in bigger print.
1.  No cleaning required!
2.   You are on Facebook anyway!
3.  No need for your bra!
4.  No cooking necessary!
5.  You can pop in and out through out the party!
6. No need to shower!
 7.  You can wear your snuggie without shame!
8.  Catch up with old friends!
9.  It's fun!
10.  You don't need a sitter!
11.  It costs you absolutely nothing!
12.  Earn FREE stuff!
13. No need to do your hair!
14. Go shopping without going out!
15.  No excuses for weather cancellations!
16.  Friends all over the country can "attend"!
17.  It is convenient for everyone!
18.  No clean up aftewards!
19.Why wouldn't you want to try it?
20.  Kids screaming in the background, no problem!
21.  All the cool girls are doing it!
22.  People love them!
I would be so happy to completely set it up for you.  All I need is your permission!  I will do all the hard work!  All you will need to do is exercise your finger a little and click on the friends who you want to "attend" your virtual party!  Not too much to ask considering you could earn all the product you see above, right? 
I am also holding a drawing for the rest of the week.  The next three people to host a virtual party will be eligible to win three mineral pigments of their choice!  That is a $30.00 value!  Do it!  Do it!  Do it!
This is my kind of shopping!

This just goes to show the kind of company that Younique is.  Meet Derek Maxfield, the owner and CEO of Younique.  They needed a larger warehouse because Younique is growing very quickly so while they moved, the shipping dept. was down for a few days.  This is him personally taking the packages to the postoffice himself in his truck!  Talk about down to earth!  He is awesome.  I know him and his cute family personally.  I am so grateful for be part of the Younique Family.  We now have over 470 Presenters!  I am number 2 so it has been so fun to watch it grow!  5-6 people a day seem to catch the Younique vision!  It is awesome!  You should become a part of it too!  It is an amazing journey and I want you to be a part of it with me my friends!  Contact me today to learn more about this ground floor opportunity!  Thanks for reading! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



                                                      YOUNIQUE NEWS OF THE WEEK!!!                 

                                 Hi there my friends!  I am ecstatic!!! Last week Younique launched
                             30 new products!!!

These include 15 matte mineral eye shadow pigments
6 Mineral Concealer Powders
5 Mineral Blushers
GLORIOUS Eye and Face Primer
3 new make-up brushes

Younique's mineral make-up contain no PARABENS.  Parabens are preservatives that are used in sunscreens, antiperspirants and cosmetics. 


In  addition to the 15 eye shadow pigment that Younique has already been carrying, they now have added 15 more in a matte finish.  They can be used wet or dry and on your eyes, eyebrows or lips!  I LOVE them!  Women who are concerned about wrinkles on their eye lids love the matte line. 

We did it again!  Younique made it into the top 10 of the Performing Home Party Companies!  Way to go Younique!!!

Last night we had a 30 minute conference call on Contouring and Highlighting. I know it is going to take a little practice but I am super excited to give it a try and become a pro! It has amazing benefits!

Younique is high quality 100% all natural mineral make-up for a very reasonable price.  I love affordable quality. 

My daily staples are Sexy, Confident, Devious and sometimes Regal.  I also love Confident on my eyebrows and lips as well.  I love the rich color and how it lasts all day and doesn't crease. 

Pictured above...the 15 new matte eye pigment colors, five new Blushers, 6 new Concealers.  I can't wait to try them all!!

My Best Friend came to visit!

My best friend in the whole wide world Heather McKinlay came to visit last week.  She lives in Colorado and has for the past year.  That part stinks.  Here are the top 10 reasons I love Heather.
10.  When she lived here, I could call her any time for any reason
9. She let me have 80 people over to her house for my hubby's surprise 40th BYU b-day party
8.  She is the most generous person I know
7.  She loves and adores my kids
6.  She has been through so much yet carries on with a smile on her face
5.  She teaches me so much
4.  She loves sushi too
3.  She always has amazing ideas and is so talented
2. She is bossy but sometimes I need that
1.  I don't know what I would ever do without her.  I love my Heath!!!
Getting sushi at our favorite place at the district, Blue Fish! 

Making "Blue Fish" faces! 
We are so proud of our son Walker.  He turned 11 and earned his Arrow of Light!
Way to go Walker! On to Boy Scouts and earning your Eagle! 
We sure love you!