Friday, January 30, 2015


January 8th, 2015, our oldest daughter Janessa, married the love of her life, John Palmer.  It was one of the happiest days of my life!  The winter day was mild and that made it so pleasant!  In order for Janessa to get a good night's sleep, my cute hubby Scott slept on the couch with our little 4 year old.  Is that a nice dad or what???  However, Janessa and I were so excited that neither really slept!  I got a migraine so got up at 3:45 a.m. to take a hot bath for some relief.  I am used to my hubby sleeping through stuff like that but it woke Janessa up and I felt SO bad!  She was so sweet about it.  We giggled and talked and it was a night that I will always cherish.  We decided to get up around 6 and get ready for the big day!  My cute friend Jen came and made a makeup house call.  Janessa's makeup looked amazing!  I did her hair in an updo and her and I headed down town around 8:45.  They were married in the Salt Lake Temple and it was a perfect day.  I am so happy they have found one another and have lived good, virtuous lives.  They are so is contagious to be around!  I am so excited to watch the rest of their lives unfold together!  Here are some picts of the day...these are just all from my camera and I will post the professional ones that were taken later!

The cute cookie makers!  
No that is a lot of butter...

Whit's boyfriend Ty!  What a guy!  

Whit, the sister of the bride, her best friend Jess and her boyfriend Ty made over 722 cookies!  
Jess, you are awesome!

Make up time!  By professional makeup artist, Jen Whittaker!

Toes by mom!

Hair by mom!  

On the way to the temple to marry her prince!
Doesn't she remind you of Audrey Hepburn?  

The Palmers and the Palmers!  

The Happy Couple!  

Ty saved the day...he found the bouquet!  

The Hermansens 

The proud parents of the bride!  

With all the wonderful grandparents!  

Ty and Whit 

The cutest flower girls ever!  Melanie and Lilly.

Don't we have gorgeous daughters?  Including Janessa, the bride?  

What is a photo shoot without some silly faces???

Melanie and Kaitlyn!  
We are happy about this marriage!  They are so happy!

Me with Johns second cousin, Josh Wright and his adorable wife!
They both have, of a super close, to having the doctorate degrees in piano~  WOW!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Jensen, cousin Harmonie and Aunt Shelly. 


Janessa and Grandma Jensen! 

Janessa with Grandma and Grandpa Jensen!
The handsome groom, John!

I am excited to be a mother-in-law!  John is the best!

Me and my sis Nat...we are always very boring and

President Burton and his cute wife.  He performed John and Janessa's
sealing in the Salt Lake Temple.  
Happy but going to miss big sis...

Janessa is so excited to be an aunt!  

Having a sneak peek of their video or growing up...

    My Younique News of the Week!  

Big announcement today!  We are launching in 2 new countries this year!  Mexico and Germany!  
And, 6 new products were announced!

7 Shades of lip stain
Cream eye shadow brush
Cream eye shadow in 3 shades
Makeup remover wipes
Blending buds and 
Bronzer in 3 shades!  

Watch this video for these amazing announcements!  Copy and paste into your URL browser:

Til next time, Jess