Monday, February 24, 2014

I am Younified Elite Certified! All expenses paid weekend! WOW!

So in Dec. 2013, I had been working hard to hit green with Younique.  The reason being that anyone that hit green status got to go to an Younified Elite Certification Retreat!  I made it by the skin of my teeth!  I hit green 2 weeks before!  It was a big sigh of PHEW!

Jess and Jess!   (Me and Jess Parizek from
North Dakota) 

     Friday at 4:00, we met at Younique's corporate office for a tour.  We were greeted by the CEO Derek Maxfield, and the Co-founder, Melanie Huscroft.  We had appetizers and sparkling grape juice and a toast! There was also a computer screen with a slide show of each of us.  I forgot to mention one of the coolest things!!!  We were also greeted with a red carpet!  I have never, ever walked on a red carpet in my life!  We got to sort of trick-or-treat around to each department and we were given a gift at each department.  It was so fun!  It was also fun to meet some of the behind the scene people of Younique.  The warehouse was amazing!  I seriously got a little choked up!  I have been there since literally day one and to see how much it has grown was truly amazing!  They are looking to move into a warehouse that is 10 times the size soon because of the immense growth we are experiencing!  SO EXCITING!!!

This is Derek Maxfield, the CEO of Younique.  And yes...he is standing on his desk.
How cool is that?  We had to project what we thought our monthly sales would be in
March...I guessed 5.9 mil...I think all the women thought I was crazy but we shall see!!!
I still feel great about my prediction!!!

The awesome warehouse staff of Younique!  We love them and appreciate them so much!

Melissa Rydman

Mellisa, Michelle Bell and Katrina Giska.

Me and my pal Meliss!  

Jess Perzeik and Amber Voight receiving their 10K checks!  


 Playing get to know you games at the Maxfield's home in Alpine, UT.  

All the treasures we got from trick-or-treating around corporate!  Can you say SPOILED???

I had this gorgeous room all to myself!  

Derek's beautiful, sweet wife Shelaine was very hospitable.  

I love baby Lily Maxfield!  I had to get a picture because
her and I matched!  She is such a doll!  Made me miss my Lilly and her being 
this little!  My Lilly is almost 4!  Waaah!  

We approved of Shelaine's beautiful new couches!  Gorgeous and comfy!  

This "CHEERS" was in honor of my sister Nat.  She is also a Younique Presenter and we wished she could have been here at this retreat with us.  She is going in March!  She is going to have a blast!

I love Christmas through the eyes of a child....there is just something so magical!  


     That night we rode a bus up to Derek's home
in Alpine, UT.  We had a lovely Brazilian dinner
and played a get to know you game.  The Maxfield's
house is gorgeous.  He and his beautiful wife Shelaine were very hospitiable.  We then we transported up to Heber to the Silver Creek Lodge. I was absolutely beautiful!
Me and Melanie Huscroft, the Co-Founder of Younique
She is one of my dear friends.  
Me and Stacy San Juan.  She is over marketing for
Younique.  She taught an amazing class.  I love this

Jess making the money!!!

Melanie making the big bucks!  


I LOVE these women!  

Derek, the CEO of Younique, asked me to help him by
cutting a pumpkin pie in 8 perfect pieces.  It was very difficult!
That was the point! 

Me, Amber and Jess.  In Nov. between the two of these
cuties they made $38,000!  They are two of my Younique Idols!
Aren't we cute???? LOL

The food was
so delish and all catered!
We felt like queens!

One of my favorite classes was one taught by the Co-Founder,
Melanie Huscroft.  You can tell by this picture what it was about!
I think we all really needed it!

Me and my face of concentration...
My cute friend Melissa...I LOVE this girl!
She is rocking Younique!  

Derek, the CEO of Younique, came up for the evening and one
of the things he did was judge the potato carving contest!
The winner won $100 gift card of their choice!  Way to go Freddie!
I LOVE these wonderful ladies!  I can't believe how in two days you can become
so close.  I have a dozen new best friends.  We named our group The Millionaire's
club because we are going to be the very first millionaires of Younique!!!

Love this!  Working together on
a conference call!

Don't you take us as serious millionaires?
We WILL be!  You just watch!!!

Til next time....