Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Wonder Woman!


What do you think of my new wonder woman shirt? Mondays are usually my cleaning days so I have decided I am going to wear this every Monday. I am hoping it will give me super powers to get all the stuff done that I need to!   Wish me luck!  A cleaning fairy would really be the answer but until then, I will just give my shirt a try! 

 I an super excited because my Younique Leggies came in the mail!  They were only $19.00 but because I am a Presenter, I got 25% off!  I love them!  It made getting dressed so much fun!  And, the only place I had to go to was the dentist!  3 of my daughters want them too now.  Trying to decide if I want to share or get then each their own so I don't have to!  I probably will get them each a pair because someone is bound to lose one if they are anything like socks at our house! 
I got home from the dentist and my cute 19 year old was watching my youngest while I took a couple of kids to the dentist.  I got home to silence and then heard a lot of giggling.  I saw the coffee table covered in blankets.  When I peeked under, these are the two cute faces that I saw!  I love these girls! 


If you are a kid at our house, the way to get out of going to bed is to play cute with your little sister.  Kaitlyn is almost 12 and Lilly is almost 3.  They played doggie and horsey for almost an hour and it was so stinking cute!  My heart is the happiest when my kids are playing nice together!  When this happens, I say bedtime shmedtime!

Lilly had strep and we got in a bad habit of letting her sleep in our bed for a few nights.  Luckily she is back to her bed now, at least for half of the night anyway!  She comes in like clock work but since she is our 7th and last, I am not stressing about it.  We were trying to get her to fall asleep the other night and we started telling her stories about when she was a little girl (because she is SO old now).   She started covering both of our mouths.  We were laughing so hard.  I couldn't get a picture of her covering both of our mouths but here is she and my hubby. Fun, funny times! 

    Here is Walker, our 10 year old in his new basketball outfit for his comp. basketball team.  He is so excited!  Although they didn't win their first game, he did a good job and had a fun time.  That is what matters, right?

This other picture is scary is of me but this is when Lilly and I had strep.  I was crocheting washcloths to try and pass the time.  She loves to hold a wad of yarn and hook too and she tells everyone that she is making them a hat.  She is so cute.  I love her to pieces and don't know what I would do without her. 

My YOUNIQUE NEWS OF THE WEEK is that tomorrow you can hold a virtual party!  It will be the easiest party and the easiest product you have ever gotten for 1/2 of even for free!  It literally entails a few clicks on my website.  Then, it automatically creates a facebook event for you.  You click on the friends that you want to invite and then they can shop!  My website keeps track of your sales, your 1/2 off and free product.  It pretty much is a no brainer!  You just make posts once a day to remind your friends and you can choose a 3, 5, or 10 day party.  The product your friends order is shipped immediately!  They don't have to wait until the party is closed!  Amazing!  This really is a part of history!  Nothing like this has ever been done before!  Contact me for more information or visit my website at www.youniqueproducts.com/Jess  Happy Holidays!

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  1. Love the leggies and your boots! You are such a good Mommy. I love the picture of the girls under the table...that is so sweet :)