Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Year old virgin hair!

Happy Happy Birthday Kaitlyn Dear! 

I can't believe it, my little Kaitlyn is turning 12 this week!  She is our 4th child.  It is sort of freaking me out!  I remember the night she was born like it was seriously yesterday!  My life was changed forever!  I love my Kaitlyn Jessica Brande!  She has brought more joy and happiness to my life than she will ever, ever know!  She might be able to understand a tiny inkling of how much I love her when she becomes a mother herself one day. 

I make my girls wait until they are 12 before I will color their hair.  Such a mean mom, huh?  It is a commitment that once you start, you have to keep up!  It is nice being a hair dresser and being able to do it my self though.  I added up what I save my family in one month.  About $275.00 by being able to do their their hair. So glad I can help out.  Virgin hair is hair that has never every had hair color on it.  It is sort of a rush when you have virgin hair to work with.  We did a couple shades of blonde and love how it turned out!  My little girl is growing up! 

Finished Product! 

What do you think?  She loves it.  I am excited for her to go to school on Wed. and see if her friends notice.  She is resisting the urge to put a picture on Instagram because she wants her friends to be surprised!  Do you remember when you were 12 and those were the type of things you had to worry about?  Definitely no Instagram was around but life seemed much, much more simple!  That is for sure!

So, my Younique news of the week is that I officially earned my Fast Start today!  That means I have reached the totals needed to qualify and so now I get $500.00 in FREE product!  Plus, I get to be entered in the drawing for a cruise for two!  How cool is that!  I would love to win but even to be put in the drawing is an honor!  There are only currently about 15 people in the drawing so my odds of winning are amazing!  I don't know if I will  be able to sleep tonight, I am so excited!  Wish me luck!  I will keep you posted! 

Happy New Year! 



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Best Christmas Ever!

Fudge Brownies!                       

Melanie and Lilly making brownies for Santa! 
They are the best!  I am not the greatest cook, but I am proud of my brownies and do get compliments on them.  Here is the recipe.  Be honored I am sharing it with you!  Just kidding.  If I can make them, you can too!  And, if my 2 and 9 year old can make them, you can too for sure!

Fudge Brownies

2 cubes real butter, melt in sauce pan, then remove from heat
4 heaping T cocoa
2 C sugar
4 eggs, stir in one at a time
1 1/2 C flour
2 t vanilla
Put in greased 9 x 13 pan and bake at 350* for 30 minutes

Here are my little present wrapping elves! 
Couldn't have been ready without them!

I love the Christmas programs this time of year.  They kids are so darn cute!

Lilly didn't want anything to do with Santa but did want to try on these Christmas Tree glasses! 
Pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself! 

Went and helped in Walker's class.  They were building gingerbread houses.  Just read more about the shooting in Conneticut  in People magazine.  One mom was on her way to help make gingerbread houses with her little boy and he was one of the kids who was shot and killed.  That really hit home.  My heart aches for the parents who did not get to have their child come home from school that day.  I sure have been a much more patient mother since that happened. 

Lilly and I made snow flakes to go on the Grandma's and Grandpa's presents.  SNOW much fun!
AMAZING Whobilation Family Party!

My husband is the 7th of nine kids so his family is huge. We can no longer get together at someone's house, we are now at the church and have been for quite some time. His sister Debbie and her family were in charge this year and did The Grinch and Whoville theme. It was amazing! She and her daughters are so talented and the sons and sons-in-laws were such good sports!

I think the enterance to the party was my favorite! 

Three of my little WHOS!

My cute 82 year old father-in-law won the Cheermeister award!  He is such a good sport and I love him so much! 
Do you think my hubby would look good with this hairstyle next time I do his hair?  Color and cut? 

My neice made this amazing cake!  She is so talented!  If you even need a theme cake made for a special event, just let me know and I will give you her info!



 Guess who????  Is this a good look for me? 

My Younique new of the week! 

There are angels among us!  I am really close to earning my Fast Start.  That means I will have met the retail sales goal and I will get $500.00 in FREE PRODUCT!  I can't wait!  I posted that I was really close one day last week and while I slept, another fellow Presenter purchased from me to help me reach my goal!  How sweet is that?  She is an angel to me.  I was seriously on the verge of tears.  It is a reminder to me of what a great company Younique is to work with.  The caliber of people is amazing.  It is Presenters helping other Presenters to reach their goals.  Also, the CEO and his sister, the Co-founder, gave all 229 Presenters $25.00 in Younique Cash!  So sweet, huh!  I get to spend it on whatever I would like.  I just may get me some new mineral eye shadow pigments to try!  There are 15 and I have only tried 4 of them.  I am IN LOVE with them!  It is so fun to do my make-up!  They stay on all day long, have no harmful chemicals, and don't crease.  If you would like to try some samples of this, just let me know!  I would be happy to get some to you to try! 


Monday, December 17, 2012

Hilarious White Elephant!

So, here is a little background to this story.  I have a bro-in-law whose mom married a man who had innocently been put in prision.  While he was in there, he was stabbed in the eye with a pencil by one of the other inmates.  He was finally proven innocent and won a lawsuit and a lot of money.  Because of the pencil injury, he has to always wear a patch.  We tease my bro-in-law about his pirate step dad.  He doesn't think it is quite as funny as we do!  Anyhow, my sister's friends heard this story so one of her friends this year at a little get together, gave her this white elephant.  She showed me and I was laughing hysterically!  It cracked me up!  Just had to share! 
Notice where on the patch the pencilis placed!  Bullseye, literally!


Lilly and Mom meeting Dad
for a lunch date at Costco.  We love their chicken\
bakes and fruit smoothies!


 Happy Happy Holidays!