Thursday, August 29, 2013

                My NEW DO!!!

           I got my hair cut and colored today and I feel like a new woman!  The most wonderful thing is that I do what I want and when my cute hubby sees it, he LOVES it!  What do you think?  I bought a couple new products too that are great for finer hair.  I bought small talk by TiGi and a spray wax by Paul Mitchell.  The spray wax is so awesome!  It is heat activated so you apply it while you are blow drying.  Then the next day it is reactivated with the blow dryer and it is already in your hair from the day before!  I can't wait to try it!  Even though I do hair, I feel like it never looks the same when I try as when I left the salon!  I need arms that grow out of my back.  LOL

My Younique News of the WEEK!!!

Luekemia, and a traumatic head injury can teach you a great deal of lessons in life...

I had the honor of attending the Younique Inaugural Convention a couple of weeks ago and it changed my life!!!  I wanted to make this a short post hoping that more people would read it.  The Founder of Younique, Derek Maxfield, taught a class on the Life Lessons he has learned.  He had Leukemia when he was first married and then not too long after, collided with his boss while playing basketball.  He was very reluctant to share these stories for fear of making "all about him".  His sister Melanie really encouraged him to share these experiences.

He received his cancer treatments at U of U Cancer institute.  He lived there for 4 months on the 5th floor. Derek got to know all the nurses and patients.  He felt very blessed because many other cancer patients with his same type of cancer around his age did not make it.  He remembers feeling so blessed when he would come back for check-ups.  He finds it fascinating the power our mind has over our bodies.  He would come in for his checkups and he would break out in hives.  There was no medical reason either. Derek  would hear the jingle of the food cart on the 5th floor and would immediately get nauseous.  He was thrilled five years later his Dr. used the "c" word and said he was CURED!!!  "You never have to come back!" she said.

A few weeks later an accident happened while he was playing basketball on his lunch break.  He came down and collided heads with his boss.  He shattered his sinus cavity and his eye socket fell down.  One of his friends turned around and looked at him and his eyes popped wide open because of what he saw!  The guys wanted to call an ambulance but Derek argued because of what it would cost.  They lowered him down to the ground flat and he asked a friend to take him to the hospital.  What did the others do?  Kept playing basketball, of course!

When his friend took him to the hospital, he just dropped Derek off.  He walked up to the counter and the lady said, "Just put your name...WHOA!"  She walked back and ran behind the counter and said, "Doctor!  Doctor!  There is a man out here who looks like he got hit in the face with a hammer! "  The Dr. told her to just have him have seat.  She said, "No, no, can you come out?"  Derek turned and their was a man in a sling who said, "You can go ahead of me." They took Derek back and were giving him lots of attention and right then, two skiing accidents came in that were dying...trauma one.  So Derek was there for four hours on the gurney.  They were yelling at him to stop whining because the others were dying.   Finally they ran some tests and gave him some morphine and a button to push.  The Dr. finally cam in and said, "Well, you broke your face and you are too swollen to do surgery so come back on Wed."  It was Friday that day.  Derek had always wanted a black eye but didn't want to get in a fight to get one and boy did he get one.  His exact words were, "This one was AWESOME!" He went to church, and went to work Monday and Tuesday because he didn't want to take the time off.  When his boss saw him, he sent Derek home.  He had surgery on Wed. and it was a 5 1/2 hour surgery.  They had to run to the supply house to get more screws.  The screws were $1,200 each and the plates were $3,000.  He now has a face of titanium.  He is the special kind so he doesn't have a problem at the airport.  He now has a scar from ear to ear across the top of his head. The surgery was evasive and so was the recovery

He came home and made sure that everyday was going to count.  He had cheated death.  He felt so blessed to be alive.  He made a list of things that he didn't ever want to forget.  Here are the Personal Life Lessons that Derek Maxfield has learned.  They are personal and from the heart.  He wrote ten and shared five.

  No one knows better how to better diagnosis 
how we can succeed than ourselves.  

1.  GET UP!!!   The alarm means get up, not negotiate.  What do you want bad enough that you are willing to get up for?  For Derek, his 5-8 in the morning became more important than his 8-5 at work.  That meant that he got up at 4:45 a.m.  He only sacrificed sleep.  Then from 5-8 in the evening, that was his family time.
     For the next 30 days, what are you willing to give up to find the time?  What do you want bad enough?  A fav. T.V. show?

2.  Priorities Do the right thing at the right time.  

     He grew up very poor with 7 kids, he couldn't buy presents for friends b-day parties and he didn't have school clothes.  From a young age, he was affected by scarcity more than he ever realized.
Don't say that "I don't have time!"  or "I can't afford it!"  Say instead, "Those are not a priority to me.  If they were a priority, you would find the money or make the time. Time and money can be equal.   There is wealth in this world to spare, especially in this country.  Time is not scarce.  It is finite.  We feel comfortable in a scarcity complex.

3. Be Me!  Discover, embrace and leverage my unique abilities.

4. Diet and Exercise!  Take care of my body and so many other things follow.

5. Be Positive!  Positive energy creates POSITIVE outcomes!

I have really tried to implement these five life lessons into my life since Convention.  
I don't get up at 4:45 but I do at six.  That is big for me.  I love to sleep.  I am so exhausted when bedtime comes that I think I am asleep before my head hits the pillow.  Even my husband has gotten up better from my example!  My kids have gone on more bike rides together for exercise.  It is amazing of the influence of the mom in the home.  I have felt so much better and so much more productive!  My team is growing and I am going to make PINK status this momth...I just know it and I am SO excited!!!

I LOVE THIS!!! It is SO true.  Sometimes people think that it was an easy road for someone who is successful.  I am sure I have been guilty in thinking this about someone!  


Success is NEVER giving up!

Til next time....

Thursday, August 15, 2013



This past weekend was the Inagural Convention for Younique in Park City, UT at the Canyons Resort.  
Talk about amazing! 

The Founder of Younique, Derek Maxfield and the Co-founder, Melanie Huscroft and I!  They are brother and sister and I love the neat relationship they have.  

There were classes on make-up, social media and new tools for our websites.  SO EXCITING!!! 

My cute friends Claudia and Andrea...


Tiffany won this awesome gift basket!  Younique definitely spoils its Presenters!
 I learned so much at the make-up class.  Cherise Wayman was incredibly talented!  It was such a pleasure being taught by her.  

Me and my cute fellow 

hairdresser from Florida!  

The food was divine!  I loved not having to cook or clean it up!  
 We each got a large purple bag with 5 products wrapped and numbered.  It was like Christmas unwrapping them and seeing what the new 5 products are for fall!
BB Flawless (3 shades)
Lucrative Lipstick (10 luscious colors)
Refreshed Rose Water
Awake Facial Cleanser
Brilliant Moisturizer
Plus a new, small Younique Black Case!

Derek's sister Sherilyn was the one who planned the event.  She is so talented and did an amazing job.  I loved everything about what we did and where it took place.  

 How cool!  This is my friend Nicole Smith and she is from the North Pole in Alaska!  She was the very first prize...a trip to Hawaii!

 Tiffany also won an amazing prize...a $500 visa gift card!  

This gal from Canada won a Coach purse and wallet!  

Anxiously waiting to open the new products!

Can't wait to try our BB Flawless!  It is BB cream which is a tinted moisturizer.  Available in the fall and in three shades.   

We got over $400 worth of product for FREE!  The rose water I really like.  It smells heavenly and it helps to apply the pigments easier, sealing them better than water in my opinion.   

This is on of my favs...a moisturizing gel that has moisturizing floating bubbles in it.  It is beautiful!   The picture on the right is my friend Claudia holding the darling container that the 10 lipgloss colors come in!  Below on the right, I got my picture taken with a Rainbow!  
That is her name!  Is that the cutest?  
She is from Pocatello, ID.  


Alicia, Sheena, me, Debi and a new friend!  Excited to learn more about make-up!

Alicia and Sheena!  Love these girls!  
 The Co-founder Melanie and I!  I met her in Oct. of 2011 at a home party.  I am so grateful I was in the right place at the right time!

Below is Melanie, Debi and I.  Melanie and Debi were roommates years ago at Ricks College.  They have such funny stories to tell!  Debi is one of the top Presenters and she won a huge screen T.V.!  Way to go Deb!

Cute Cherise, the talented make-up artist who
 taught our make-up classes.  


Sheena was the model...Isn't she adorable? 
 She is from Denver and has 4 adorable little boys.  

I won a pair of Younique branded glasses with lots of yummy candy in a darling pink bag.  I am holding up seven fingers because that is how many kids I left at home and that was the most in the class!  

Make-up then...

Younique now!!!

We were so excited!  Another gift for all of us!  Sample sizes of all of our mineral make-up!   

The food was marvelous!
My friends to the right guessed it was perfume...they were trying to catch a wiff... 
 The fun continued at night!!!
4 out of my 5 daughters came up to have a sleepover and enjoy my lovely hotel room!  They swam and watched movies and I would just spend time with them here and there when I had a break and at night.  I love my girls with all my heart.  They are so beautiful on the inside and 
out and I love to be with 

them.  They are so much fun! 
Janessa:  19
Kaitlyn:  12
Melanie:  9
Lilly:  3



I am so blessed!
I love Younique! 
Life is good!