Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Family Christmas Card

Hermansen Family Christmas

Here is our 2012 Family Christmas card, designed by my amazing friend Shelly.  She is so talented and always so willing to help me out.  Thanks Shelly!

Janessa is 19
Whitney is 16
Jensen is 12
Kaitlyn is 11
Walker is 10
Melanie is 9
and last but not least,
Lilly is 2!
Mom's and Dad's ages will remain confidential. 


Bradshaw Family Christmas

So in this post, I wanted to brag about my cute, talented mom.  I went to her house the other day and she wasn't home but I hadn't been there since she had decorated for Christmas.  It is breathtaking!  She transforms her whole house!  She works at Rod Works and does all the product displays.  She has such an eye and gift for home decor.  Here are a few pictures I took at her house but of course, in my opinion, they don't do it justice. 

 Her chandelier is probably my most favorite thing.  I can't believe someone can make a chandelier look so beautiful!  I probably admire this all so much because with seven kids, I spend about 1/2 hour (or my daughter Janessa does it) decorating for Christmas because I hate when it comes time to take it down.  I don't like it to take a long time to put away. 



We were out of pretty much everything so I had to do a major grocery shopping trip.  I couldn't have done it without the help of my cute Janessa.  Lilly was being shy about having her picture taken.  Here is what the back of my car looked like and then two seats up front were also chuck full.  It took us three full carts to get out to the car.  Then, it is the carrying them in and putting them all away!  I am literally exhausted when I get home from a big trip like this!  I didn't this time but there are times if I go to Costco or Sams where I get 12 loaves of bread and 15 dozen eggs at a time.  It is crazy what a big family can eat!  Our son Walker doesn't have an oz. of fat on his body.  I guess after Thanksgiving, he was at my parents and at all the left over crescent rolls.  Guess how many were left?  24!  Yep, he ate 2 dozen rolls!  He is constantly moving, even when he sleeps he moves so I don't ever really know how he is ever rested!  He must just have the metabolism that I have always wanted to have. 

My Younique news of the week!

I am SO, SO, SO, excited!  You can now host Younique Virtual parties!!  This is a brand new thing that no company has ever done before!  You don't have to send out invitations, get your house ready, kick out your family, make treats, only have one or two people show up, then there is the pity party purchases where someone doesn't really need anything but they buy something just to help you out.  Once the product comes in, then you have to deliver that too.  Home parties are a lot of stress and a lot of work in my opinion!  Being a Virtual Party Hostess, (aka VPH) you can do it all at home from your computer in your pajamas at midnight if you want to!  People have said that they are too busy to host one.  I would understand that if they were talking about a home party but this takes hardly any effort or time!  It is so easy!  Here is how easy it really is.

First, you go to my website which is www.youniqueproducts.com/Jess.  You log in and then on the right hand side, third line down, you will see a hot pink tab that says my parties.  Once you click on that, then you can click on create a new party.  You fill out that info and decide if you want to do a 3, 5, or 10 day party.  Orders placed by the 15th will be guarenteed to be delivered by Christmas.  Then it will ask you to have permission to contact Facebook and create an even for you.  It will then ask you who you want to invite.  You could invite 5 or 500+.  Facebook will only let you invite 50 at a time.  So, invite the first 50, then send that batch.  Then, you can invite the next 50 and so on and so forth. 

You can also email people to remind them or if they don't have facebook.  Once you have created the party, from the younique party page, you can copy and past the URL from the bar at the top of the computer screen.  This link you can give to anyone and it will take them right to the right spot they need to be to place an order.

The only other thing you need to do that I would highly recommend is once a day posting on your wall and on the event wall on FB a little post reminding your friends about your party.  People will want to see that your event is having activity on it, not just sitting there. 

It really is the simplest party you will ever host!  It is new and therefore people are apprehensive.  I promise you, you can do it and you have nothing to lose!  I can even set it all up for you if you are nervous to set it up.  I would really appreciate your support!  Give it a try!

You have the opportunity to get 1/2 product or earn products for free!  How cool is that?  Please message me if you have any questions.  Thanks so much!



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