Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roller Derby! What in the world is a Younique Virtual Party?

I am so excited!  My team is growing! We are changing lives!  We are helping women feel beautiful!  
My darling friend Kersten Robbins joined the Younique Family today!  She is Presenter #2625.  
She is spunky, fun, does ROLLER DERBY and is an amazing cook!  She loves make-up and is very artistic and talented.  I am honored to be her sponsor!  I can't wait to watch her succeed!  She is going to take off and run with Younique!  She is going to be the rockstar to watch!  Welcome Kersten!  Welcome to out team...
The Younique First Ladies!  

Here is a short video introducing the amazing Kersten Robbins! 


My Younique news of the Week  

Here is a video explaining what in the world a Younique Virtual Party is and WHY you should have one!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Most hilarious ebay story ever!!!

     So my cute sister Nat is the ebay master.  She will have close to 100 items for sale on ebay at a time and even has an "ebay room" at her house.  She goes to second hand stores and buys name brand children's clothing and people buy it like crazy.  Especially cowboy boots.  She told me a story last week that is too funny not to share!  In fact, my Dad heard it and has said that he has been at work and will just bust up laughing out loud thinking about it!
     My sister had listed for sale and baby Harley Davidson jacket.  It was reversible but on one side, the sleeves had a few little TEARS.  She listed that in the description very clearly.  Let's call this  lady "Sue".  Well, Sue caught the auction at the very end and didn't notice until after she had won the item that it had some TEARS in it.  She sent my sister a "I am not happy" message that said this:

"Dear ebay Seller,

I am very disappointed.  I caught the auction at the end and just noticed your description.  You said there were TEARS in the jacket, like the water that comes out of your eyes.  I don't know if I even want the item anymore."

So my awesome sister responded with the following:

"Dear Sue,

I am so sorry you are not happy.  Here are a couple of definitions.

 1.  TEARS:  a drop of the saline, watery fluid lubricating the eye and sometimes flowing from it
 2.  TEARS:  a rip or a hole

What would you like me to do?


The item was $7.50 and was paid for my Sue in a matter of minutes.  OOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS!  I guess she felt pretty silly!

The moral of the story?  Before you chew someone out, make sure you know how to spell.  LOL

Tears or Tears?  



This month with a $75 or more purchase, you get a FREE Younique TOTE!!!  I got mine in the mail yesterday...I love it!  It is adorable!  Here is what they look like.  

Order yours today while supplies last!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bear Lake Fun! Who knows what a chicken splat is?

I grew up going to Bear Lake.  It is half in Utah and half in Idaho.  The things I love about it are how it stays shallow for a long way out and it is super clear.  The things I don't love about it is since it is in the mountains, it is pretty chilly most of the year and because of the elevation, I have had some of the nastiest sunburns in my life from the beaches of Bear Lake!!!  So, needless to say, Bear Lake brings out the sunscreen nazi in me.  I am training my kids and a few of them have caught on.  Especially my 9 year old, fair skinned, freckled, little red head, Melanie.  She puts it on even before I can remind her.  It is wonderful!

We try to go on a Bradshaw Family vacation every year.  I am the oldest of 5 kids and so far, we have blessed my parents with 17 grandchildren.  So, we need a big place to stay.  Our good friends the Ballinghams have a great cabin that we have reserved every 24th of July from here til the end of time!  That way no one can have an excuse about not being able to have the time off, etc.  This year was the first year we have stayed here and it was tricky finding a weekend that worked but we managed to pull it off and had a great time!  Families just came and went as they could.  

Cute cousins!  Emmy, Lilly and Avi.   Our beautiful 17 year old daugther
 Whitney and her best friend Jess slept outside
 on the large deck.  It was gorgeous weather!  

Our 12 year old Kaitlyn!  My sister Ali, her hubby Jer and their two cuties, Emmy and Avi.  

My niece London and my daughter Lilly!

My nephew Gavin and our handsome 13 year old Jensen.

Our daughter Whit and her left hip Jess, oh I mean her bestie!  They are inseparable!

My handsome Prince, the love of my life, my hubby, my boy friend and my best friend, Scott.

Our spunky red head Melanie is nine.  She is with Annie who is four and is a family firiend.

Gavin and Lilly, London playing in the sand.


Scott and I (above) and Lilly and I (above right).

Heather (my bestie who had 3 kids and just remarried a guy who has 5!)  She is as crazy as me!

 My cute lil" niece Emmy!

SHHHH....Uncle James is getting his beauty rest...Upper right, Uncle Jeremy and our son Jensen.  

My beauitiful sis Ali.  One of the most talented ladies you will ever meet!  Love her to pieces!  Jess in the hoodie!  Below, our gorgeous 19 year old Janessa and our adorable nephew Kingston who is 8 months old!  My cute sis Nat, always being silly and always keeping us laughing!

Our niece Zoey is 2!  To the left, here Dad and my brother, Lance!  Since this picture
 was taken, he is now the father of 5 kids!  He is amazing and so is his wife!

Below, Lance's amazing wife Dani holding Kingston.  Our handsome Daddy, Bob.  
I love when he laughs really hard.  It makes me so happy!  

I of course had to bring my fun Younique make-up and did make-overs on all the little girls!
They returned the favor and did my make-up too!  Lucky, huh?

Make-overs by three year olds are the best!

Zoey and Kingston to the right.

Zoey and Kingston.
On the right, our handsome 11 year old son Walker concentrating very hard on his project.  The kids had fun making Halloween crafts!  Below, my nephew Conner and my nephew Gavin.  Such cute kids!  We also went to Heritage Days that is held in Garden City. The kids played games and got their faces painted.

Janessa  Nicole!  Our college girl and the U of U!

                                                                                                                                                           Melanie, Mom and Lilly.
Avi loved her facepaint!

Chicken Splat! 


Lilly loved her face paint too!  This game above was called the "Chicken Splat".  It was the funniest game I have ever seen!  There was a big grid type board.  You paid 50 cents and put your name on one of the squares.  They laid it down and had everyone surround it.  They let a chicken go on the board and where ever it goes poop, that is the winner!  I think the prize was a $250 gift certificate!  Too bad no one in my family won!  Maybe next year, huh?

Whitney and Jess!

My nephew Jayden.  Upper right, Whitney, Lilly and Jess!

Melanie, Gavin, our family friend Lauren, and London.  

I gave my sis Ali a Younique make-over.  Doesn't it make her eyes pop?  She is gorgoeus!  We used Frivilous for her concealer color.  On her eyes we used Confident, Sexy and Curious!  Here eyeliner is Devious mixed with Rose Water.  We also used Confident on her lips.

My cute Dad took Lilly and Emmy out because I was too big of whimp in the cold water.  Our daughter Janessa is a natural with babies.

To the left, our cute family friend Annie!

Below, Jeremy making breakfast!  Yummy pancakes!

Below left, no trip to Bear Lake is complete without shakes!  They are known for their raspberry shakes but all the flavors are awesome!

Whit and her hot cocoa, Janess and Jess, Lillly loves to pose for the camera, my bro-in-law James and his mountain man beard, all the kids playing nicely!  Love those moments!

Avi loves Kingston!                                                           Gavin and Conner!

Lilly after her make-over, Melanie too!

My cute Mom and Kingston.

It was a GREAT TRIP!  Can't wait for next year!  

My Younique News of the week!  

October 1st was our 1 year anniversary!  

What an amazing first year it has been!  

Younique is growing like crazy!!!  We had 459 Presenters join the Younique Family in the month of September!  That brings us to a total of 2,273 Presenters as of Monday of this past week. We sold $618,629.83 in September!  That is a lot of product!  

 That's nearly 100% growth over August which was a

 50% improvement over July!  We are caught up in

 the vortex of momentum and its so much fun to see. 

 Companies just don't grow this fast once they get up 

in these higher numbers, right?  Wrong!  We are

 proving a lot of industry trends wrong and we are 

going to go right on breaking records!  


I am the very first Presenter of the company so you would 

be on my team and I would be SO honored!  We are known 

as the Younique First Ladies!  We have so much fun as a team

 and the support and cheering each other on is awesome!  It

 is so exciting to watch each other succeed!  It is only $99.00

 to get started so seriously, what are you waiting for!  SIGN

 UP TODAY!!!  LOOK at all the make-up

that comes in your kit!  
I am super jealous, actually!  It is a killer deal!