Friday, April 18, 2014

The Salad Barbie dress by my 4 year old!

       As a mom of seven kids, I thought I had seen it all.  Today my 4 year old showed me something I had never seen before.  She LOVES Barbie's.  She said to me today, "Mom, I want to make a salad dress for my Barbies."  I have learned in parenting classes to use your "yes" tool as much as possible, then when you need to use the "no" tool, you have already made plenty of deposits to make a withdrawal.  In my head I was thinking, "What in the world????"  But I smiled and said sure!  It was quite the process and I had to be heavily involved.  She was quite disappointed and the dress started to wilt.  

      My brilliant 13 year old, who is one of the most artistic, creative people I know, overheard this tragic dilemma.  She suggested we print out a picture of lettuce and make a paper dress.  GENIUS!!!  Why didn't I think of that???  Hence, that is the picture on the left below.  It sort of has a Tinkerbell feel!  It think it turned out pretty darn cute!  I was SO grateful to Kaitlyn for coming to the rescue of the wilted lettuce dress....I mean, salad dress.  Hey!  It is organic!  LOL  Maybe she is a little fashion designer in the works.  I asked her where she got the idea and she said she thought it in her mind.  Wonder what else goes on in that cute little head of hers!  There is a first time for everything and I won't be surprised if Lady Gaga contacts us soon for the pattern.  

My YOUNIQUE News of the Week!

I am ecstatic!  My team is growing by the minute and so is the whole company!  I have 671 awesome women on my team!  I remember when I only had 1 on my team, then when I had 15 and also when there were 88 in the whole company!  Now checkout how many Presenters we have in the US, CAN, and now AUS!  


We were also informed this week that we are the fastest growing direct sales company in the world!!!  How cool is that?  Don't you want to be a part of this too?  It is so much fun!  I would LOVE to be your sponsor!  Click on the link below to join my team!  

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