Saturday, April 5, 2014

Feeling Famous for 45 mins! Quetzalcoatl!

So this week I had a "first".  I have a friend who has written an amazing book on tape called Quetzalcoatl.  He asked me to have my kids listen to it.  My kids LOVED it.  They were silent in the car when I put it on and their ears were glued to the speakers.  I loved that they had to use their imaginations while they listened. It is three CDs long ( 2 hours) but is wonderful!  It is such a FUN adventure and the actors are amazing, but even more I loved the sound effects and the full orchestra.  It is full of wonderful lessons for kids.  Anyhow, as a mom of seven, my friend asked me to do a commercial for him.  In return, he would shoot a commercial for me about Younique!  So, Wed. of this past week, I felt famous for 45 mins!  It was super fun!  My home was transformed into a studio!  There were tons of lights, I had a wired mic and one above me.  Then there were two camera men and suddenly I felt super nervous!

Luckily, they were very patient with me and super helpful.  Although I am not an actress, I am passionate about the two things I talked about it so that part was super easy.  Stay tuned for the final product!  There is some editing that needs to be done.  I am excited to see the results!
Get your copy of QUETZALCOATL at You can purchase the CDs or there is MP4 read along digital download.  Your kids will love it and you will love the peace a quiet for a few hours!
P.S.  I had forgotten until I saw this picture that I was so focused
on the front of my hair that I didn't even think about the
 back...UGGGH!  That is how I roll!  Good thing they
didn't film the back of my head.  LOL  

Part of the lighting
and camera crew!
Such talented men!

My home was transformed into a studio!
It was pretty darn cool!


Just copy and paste in your url bar and enjoy!!!

P.S.  Got a very fun package today!  Haven't opened it yet...tune in next post to see what it is!  

Til next time, BYE!!!

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