Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Womens Expo 2013 UVU


Our Younique booth!

Kim Howard and I

Wearing Regal (which is a vibrant purple) as eye liner.  I love it
 and get tons of compliments.  I love purple with blue eyes. 

One of the darling gals that I got to put make-up on, Susan.

Two cute girls that I met that scheduled Younique Virtual parties!

I asked this cute lady if I could take a picture with her because she reminded me so much of my Grandma Bradshaw, more so when she had her glasses on. 

My oldest daughter brough my youngest daughter to visit. 

Putting make-up on my oldest daughter, Janessa.

We love Younique!

Melanie, Sandi and Kim. 

Jess O. is an amazing professional make-up artist and is also a Younique Presenter!

A cute little girl who stole my heart.  This is Ashlee.  She is 12.  I asked her who her favorite Princess was and she said Tinkerbell.  I told her my favorite was Princess Ashlee.  She got all excited and clapped and smiled.  She was adorable.  I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home!

Jess O.,  Melanie, Jess, Sandi, and Kim

Another one of me and Ashlee and her brother. 
Melanie did an awesome stage Presentation where she did a girl named
 Shay's make-up.  She did a fantastic job. 

Shay before any Younique Products.

With one eye with mineral eye pigments on. 

Both eyes with mineral eye pigments. 

Lining her eyes with our liner brush.  I don't even buy eye liner anyore, I just get my liner brush a little wet and then dip it in the natural pigments.  That way I can have many, many colors of eye liner!  It s so much fun and stays on so well! 

Shay getting the 3D Fiber Lashes made from green tea fibers. 

All finished with concealer, eye pigments, 3D lashes, and mineral
pigments on her lips as well.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?
Scheduling another one of my 15 Virtual Parties I scheduled in 2 days!
Go team Younique!
We now have 518 Presenters signed up with Younique!  They have already had to move to a larger warehouse also becuase we are growing like crazy!  It is an amazing groud floor opportunity! 
Angels for Aspen
My friend Michelle from beauty school has a beautiful nine year old daughter.  She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that was recently removed.  Because the nerves are so close and so fragile, 1/2 of her face is paralyzed and she is deaf in one ear.  She is having to learn how to swallow again.  Hopefully all these little set backs will be temproary.  I hosted a virtual party in her honor to help with the costs of medical expenses.  I am excited to take a check over to her family.  Thank you to all who placed orders to help this sweet litle one.  I appreciate you love an support. 
Have a great week everyone!


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