Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Junior Prom! TOP 22 reasons to host a Virtual Party!


Junior Prom at Bingham  Mar. 2013

Whitney Lee Hermansen

Whit and the proud Dad. 

Whit and her cute date Aerik.  They work together at Red Robin.

Traditional picture.  Whit always wants me to pin on the boutineer and so then I make her let me take a picture where it looks like she pinned it on herself.  I love the look on his face.  To me he is thinking, "Wow, you look gorgeous!  I am one lucky guy!"  Do you think I am right? 

I love too how excited her little sisters
get to see her go to Prom!  It will
be them before we know it!

Should we take the Mini van parked
out front?  Na, let's take the limo!  Can
you say spoiled?  So fun!


I love when we don't have to buy
dresses!  Her sweet friend let her
borrow this and since she is 5' 10",
we had to add three inches of satin
to the bottom so it was long enough.
Thanks to my mom for teaching
me how to sew so we didn't have to
pay to have it lengthened!

   Bye kids!  Have a fun time and be safe!


My Younique news of the week! 

Younique's virtual parties are becoming more and more popular!  They are catching on!  Here is what one girl won for hosting a virtual party! 
Amazing, huh?  Wouldn't you want to earn all this for FREE???  Host a virtual party!  Here are the top 22 reasons you should. 

The print is pretty small so here are the reasons in bigger print.
1.  No cleaning required!
2.   You are on Facebook anyway!
3.  No need for your bra!
4.  No cooking necessary!
5.  You can pop in and out through out the party!
6. No need to shower!
 7.  You can wear your snuggie without shame!
8.  Catch up with old friends!
9.  It's fun!
10.  You don't need a sitter!
11.  It costs you absolutely nothing!
12.  Earn FREE stuff!
13. No need to do your hair!
14. Go shopping without going out!
15.  No excuses for weather cancellations!
16.  Friends all over the country can "attend"!
17.  It is convenient for everyone!
18.  No clean up aftewards!
19.Why wouldn't you want to try it?
20.  Kids screaming in the background, no problem!
21.  All the cool girls are doing it!
22.  People love them!
I would be so happy to completely set it up for you.  All I need is your permission!  I will do all the hard work!  All you will need to do is exercise your finger a little and click on the friends who you want to "attend" your virtual party!  Not too much to ask considering you could earn all the product you see above, right? 
I am also holding a drawing for the rest of the week.  The next three people to host a virtual party will be eligible to win three mineral pigments of their choice!  That is a $30.00 value!  Do it!  Do it!  Do it!
This is my kind of shopping!

This just goes to show the kind of company that Younique is.  Meet Derek Maxfield, the owner and CEO of Younique.  They needed a larger warehouse because Younique is growing very quickly so while they moved, the shipping dept. was down for a few days.  This is him personally taking the packages to the postoffice himself in his truck!  Talk about down to earth!  He is awesome.  I know him and his cute family personally.  I am so grateful for be part of the Younique Family.  We now have over 470 Presenters!  I am number 2 so it has been so fun to watch it grow!  5-6 people a day seem to catch the Younique vision!  It is awesome!  You should become a part of it too!  It is an amazing journey and I want you to be a part of it with me my friends!  Contact me today to learn more about this ground floor opportunity!  Thanks for reading! 
Have a wonderful week! 

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