Monday, May 6, 2013

My Younique team is growing!!!
I would like to give a warm Younique welcome to Natalie Jensen!  She is the newest Presenter of the Younique First Ladies!  She is a cute mom of 4 kids and is going to be a great Presenter! 
 So happy to have her on board! 
Now is better than ever to join the Younique Family!  The Presenter kit is cooler than ever!   Seriously! I wish I would have waited until this month to join! 
It is ONLY $99.00 to become a Younique Presenter!  Become one today at
I am so in love with this look!  Amazing it was created with only 3  pigments. 
Heavenly, Flirty and Regal.   
FYI, each pigment container contains 225 applications!  That is a great deal!!!


I had never tried a primer before.  It is amazing!  Younique's primer is 100% all natural. It is safe enough to use around your eyes and on your neck.  It makes your skin softer than anything else I have ever tried on my skin in my whole entire life! 
Why use a primer? 
Just like when you prime a wall, you are filling in any imperfections and helping the wall to take the color better and help the paint stick. 
Just like Younique's primer called GLORIOUS, it helps fill in any large pores or imperfections.  It helps create a nice canvas for your mineral make-up to stick to so it last much longer.  


I love that there are only a few ingredients and that I can pronounce them all!  I am confident that I am not putting anything harmful on my face!  It is also only $39.00.  Order today, you will love it and love what it does!  My kids keep wanting to put it on the
back of their hands because it makes their skin so soft!  
Make a purchase on my website
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Then you can the pigment of the day for ONE PENNY!
Today's color is "Heavenly".  It is a matte mineral eye shadow pigment.  Reg. $10, order today and get it for only 1 Penny!  That is an amazing deal! 








I believe the key to easy application with mineral pigment eye shadows are the brushes! 
Younique's brushes are made from goat and pony hair and will last forever with proper care. 
It is $45.00 for the set but can be purchased separately.  My favorite brush is shown on the bottom in the picture above.  I don't even buy eye liner anymore. I just get my brush wet, dip it in whatever color I am feeling in the mood for and I wear that as eye liner!  I love it and get so many compliments on my eye liner.  It is really fun!


A tribute to a great man...

This is one of my dear friends from highschool.  Her husband Pete just passed away on April 21st.  He had been battling brain cancer for 3 years. He was hilarious...such a fun person to be around and was a great father and husband.  Angi has faced the trials in her life with much faith and grace.  They lost their first child, Paula Ann.  Now she is a single mom of 2 kids.  She is an amazing example to me and all who know her.  When things like this happen, it helps me to put things in perspective.  It helps remind what things are important and what things are not.  Our thoughts and prayers and with Angi and her children at this time.  We love you Pete!!!
Grab some is a video about Angi and Pete and their journey. 
What a true love story that will last for eternity. 

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