Monday, October 29, 2012

      What a fun-filled week!  Today we had Sunday dinner at
my parents and they told us all about their 10 day trip to Portugal!  I would love to go there someday.  It looks beautiful!  My cute, amazing sister-in-law Dani made these beautiful home made rolls.  She is so talented.  I have never seen anything that she can't do and do it well!  She is on my Younique team and she is doing amazing!  She has already sponsored one girl and I know she will be sponsoring many, many more!  She is very talented and such a good example to me.  She is a great wife to my brother and she has four little ones under the age of 6.  Three boys and one girl.  She is one busy gal, that is for sure!  I love her with all my heart. 

     This is a picture of my son holding a pumpkin that he colored for his biological mom.  Today has been 7 years since she passed away.  It is always a heartbreaking day for my husband and his four as they mourn their loss.  She was an amazing woman who loved being a wife and mother.  She was only 33 years old.  Way too young in my opinion to leave this life but I am not the one in charge.  I know she is so proud of her kids and is always looking down on them. 

     This past weekend I went to Time Out For Women, aka as TOFW.  It was downtown in Salt Lake City.  I went with some friends from my old neighborhood and we has so much fun.  It was very uplifting and reminded me to "seek the good" in my life.  We all have trials but if we look for the good, we will find it! 

My favorite speaker was a man named Chris.  In 2007, he was driving a car with his wife, who was 5 months pregnant and their daughter and two of their sons.  Their oldest son was not with them at the time.  They were hit by a drunk driver. His wife, their unborn child, their only daughter and one of their sons were instantly killed.  They knew the teen that had hit them.  He told the story of laying there watching his wife take her very last breath.  He had the thought to let it go.  He knew he had to forgive this young kid who had done this to him and his family.  His talk was amazing.  It was one of hope and forgiveness.  He since then has remarried a woman who lost her husband to cancer.  She had two children.  They have had two more together.  So they now have six children.  He talked about the fact that the two they have had together have helped to heal the hurt.  I was so choked up as I have witnessed that in my own life.  Our little Lilly, who at the moment is  running her wet little fingers over my computer screen as I type, yum!  It is o.k. because I can't imagine life without her.  She has brought so much joy and happiness to our family.  Chris and his story is such an inspiration to me.  I am so grateful that I had  the opportunity to hear him.  This a picture below of he and I. 

Our lunch break at TOFW. 

My Younique news of the week is awesome!  If you signed up to be a Presenter in the month of October, you were entered in a drawing and then for each Presenter you had under you, you also got your name in it that many more times.  So, I had five chances to win and I won!  I have never won anything in my life!  I am so excited!  I also have never had an ipad either, let alone and ipad 2!  It came engraven with Younique's logo on the back.  My kids have had so much fun with it already.  I am sure I will have fun too if I can ever get it away from them!  Youniqe is such an amazing company to be a part of.  Thanks Younique!  I love my ipad! 


     So, have any of you seen this house in Riverton?  Kaitlyn takes voice lessons kind of behind IFA off of 12300 S.  and when I was taking her, I saw these enormous pumpkins in someone's front yard!  They were awesome!  The probably had atleast a dozen.  She was so cute.  She pretended she was trying to lift them.  I love my Katie-loo-hoo. 

Below is our little cowgirl mini miner cheerleader all ready for her performance.  The picture below is of her and two of her friends. After they performed, they got to give out the awards for the SoJo marathon.  They had a lot of fun doing that.  Go Bingham! 

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  1. Excuse me...I ordered the large pumpkin. HAHA! Those fetchers are huge!