Monday, October 8, 2012

Teaching kids to work!

I have had several friends ask me how I handle jobs around my house so I thought I'd share.  I am always looking for new and fresh ideas because I believe with kids you need to change things up now and again.  I got this red holder just at the dollar store.  I used bright colored card stock and printed all the different jobs that I need help with, then laminated them.  On Mondays, my kids have 4 jobs.  The rest of the week, they have 1-2 jobs each day.  They know that they need to do them before they can play with friends or play on any electronics.  They just flip the card over once it is done as a sign to me that they have finished it.  Once in a while, I tell them it is a "no job day" and their job for the day is to just be extra nice to each other.  This doesn't always go over well but we keep trying!  One other thing I try to do is to rotate jobs so that they all get a turn doing really easy jobs or ones that take a bit more time.  One Mondays alone, with 6 kids doing 4 jobs each, that save me 24 jobs!  Each may not take to long but when you have to think about doing 24 by yourself, it is a bit overwhelming!  Here are a few of my kids doing their jobs. 

I think it is so important to teach kids how to work.  My parents did and for that I will forever be grateful.  I do not expect perfection either.  I am not the type of mom that will go in and remake their beds because it wasn't perfect.  If they made an honest effort, that is good enough for the girls I go with!  I know they will get better with practice.  I am such a happier mom when the house is clean!  I feel inside how my house looks.  My level of cleanliness has lowered with each additional child but I always try and rember one thing:

It happens before you know it, the handprints get higher and higher and soon they disappear.

I know one day I will miss the mess, noise and chaos! 

I need to brag about my hubby.  He is the best clothes folder in the family.  He is so meticulous.  I love it.  He is way better at it than me and I am just so grateful that he will help me because doing laundry for a family of nine can be very overwhelming!  In fact, you know when there is a ton of snow in a parking lot that has been pushed into one huge, gigantic mountain?  I have had nightmares that that is how much laundry I have to do because sometimes it feels like that!  Scott, my husband, was a single dad for a year after his first wife passed away so he has a greater appreciation for the mom job.  He almost always folds clothes while he is watching football. I love him so much for this! 


Couple laundry folding should be a new event in the olympics, don't you think? It is so romantic!   
 It looks like folding laundry tuckered him out!  He is the best!  Don't tell him I put this pict in here...I would be in big trouble!  I just would be worried about the pay backs! 
Here is our little 2 1/2 year old LILLY. Her sister Melanie is a little league Bingham cheerleader. She loves to go to football games and watch her sister cheer or her brothers play foot ball. She calls her pom poms her "go binghams". She is the cutest! We love her with all our hearts.

 Whitney, our beautiful 16 year old, went to Bingham's Homecoming over the weekend.  She looked gorgeous.  During the day, she got these breath taking lillies and cute bear from her date.  This is a picture of her and her proud Dad. 


Walker's first watermelon from his garden! 

Poor Jensen...he went on a campout, got up early and came home for his football game.  He ate lunch and just laid down on the bench at our table and fell asleep.  Like father, like son, huh? 
My YOUNIQUE news for the week! 
I am now happy to announce that I have three Presenters on my team!  Two from Utah and one from Florida!  One text me tonight and said that she got her personalized Presenters kit today!  She is so excited and her exact words in capital letters were that it is BEAUTIFUL!   I am so happy for her but I will admit, a little jealous too, in a good way!  Just can't wait to get mine!  Hopefully mine will arrive soon as well.  I ordered pink business cards.  I LOVE pink!  I hope to have Presenters on my team from all over the US and one day, all over the world!  If you know of anyone who would be interested in this business opportunity, please have them email me at my new Younique email address;




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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your family is beautiful! We don't usually change up our family chore schedule because I find we work better when we know the routine, but I totally love the idea of giving them a day off with their only chore is to be nice to each other. :)