Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My cute lil' sis

      This is my darling little sister Natalie and her beautiful family.  I am so happy because they just moved back from Florida.  She is also going to be a Presenter for Younique!  As you can see, she too is just a regular mom (well, in my opinion she is a fabulous mom who helps me  remember to not take this role we call motherhood too seriously).  She is pregnant with her forth, due in Jan.  She has the perfect personality to be a Presenter for Younique. She has a zest for life and even though she may be faced with challenges, as we all are, she never seems to lose her smile or sense of humor.  She is so much fun to be around and is a natural leader.  What ever she does, she puts all her enthusiasm into.  She was known as the coupon queen and had a ton of people hooked as well.  She also sold designer jeans and had a passion for helping women look their best no matter what size they wore.  The jeans were just a pain to haul to parties...she couldn't do that now being pregnant. I love her so much and am so proud of her. 

     That is another reason that Younique is SO AMAZING!!! It is eliminating the all-too-common  home party.  I for one, have never been much of a home party person. First of all, you have to mail out or deliver invitations.  Secondly, it is stressful getting your house perfect for guests.  Then, you want to make sure they have yummy food to eat.  You worry about it being on the same night as something else and so you worry about the turn out!  I go to parties out of just wanting to support my friends and I make pity purchases.  I hate the pressure you are put under at times to purchase something just to support them.  It usually isn't something I even want, I just am fulfilling my obligation as a guest.  However, I do have friends who LOVE to go to parties and LOVE to throw them so the even cooler thing is that those people will still totally have that option to do so!

      The Younique difference is that it is all virtual.  You can host online parties!   No more mailing or delivering invitations!  You simply use the resources that you already have and use all the time.  You just use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other online social media to do the work for you so it makes running your own successful business so simple.  It is such an easy way to tell your friends about it!  They then can go and shop when it is convenient.  That for me is sometimes late into the evening! I love that the high-pressure sales pitch has been eliminated!  I hate pushy sales people so I don't want to be one.  That is why Younique is SO awesome!  You totally want to be a Presenter too, huh!  It is going to be sweet!  Join my team!  If we can do it, you can do it!  Just go to www.youniqueproducts.com and fill out the small form for more information. 

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