Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Focus Group August 2nd 2012

I had the amazing opportunity of participating in a Focus Group held by Younique. It was a fabulous, fun-filled girls night out and no detail was ignored! There were approx. 70 beautiful women that came to join in the fun! There was lots of delicious food and we tried out 11 fabulous products, then filled out a questionnaire. Younique also wanted our feed back about the logo, products, and which top three were our favorite. It was an honor to be a part of this lovely evening. A special thanks to Derek Maxfield, Younique's Founder and his sister Melanie Huscroft, who is Younique's CO-Founder for making this night such a success. Many of my friends won prizes...who doesn't love to win free stuff?

  The top three products were voted by the women who came as their favorites.

1. " Leggies" is a fun collection of different lengths of socks and leg warmers embellished with lace and buttons for a Younique look!  Let’s face it…being bundled up for the cold isn’t always the most attractive look.  I am excited for fall and for putting a little fashion in to facing the cold with Younique's leggies!  Just a little something extra they've come up with to bring back fashion to being bundled up!  Don’t worry, they only cover your knees or your calves so your boots will still fit just fine.  How fun to look stylishly cozy!  I love them and can't wait for them to become available to purchase!  It will make my Christmas shopping a breeze!  

2.   "Mood Struck"  (mineral eye makeup collection)
  • contents - mineral eye shadows
  • eye makeup brushes
  • fiber transplanting gel
  • mascara fiber
 I have heard eyes are known as the window to ones soul.  My eye make-up is important to me.  I love getting compliments on it too.  I am always excited to try something new.  I love Younique's amazing all natural mineral eye shadow powders and fiber mascara.  It is super easy to use too!  Younique has cured the “now which brush out of the dozen do I use” syndrome and have made it simple just for us.    They have taken the only three brushes necessary to create the look I want.  I love how the mineral eyeshadow can be applied dry or wet for a more dramatic expression.  It blends beautifully, isn't heavy on your eye even though it looks rich and I can wear it all day long and there isn't ever a crease in my eyelid.  
The fiber mascara is so phenomenal, you have to see it to believe it.  In two easy steps, you will have more voluptuous lashes than you ever thought possible!

I was unwillingly coaxed into trying this product at a what women wants show.  They only applied it to one eye.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE the difference in my lashes!  All through the day, I had to do a double take in the mirror to see if they were really my very own lashes. I LOVE this product! I think every woman needs it!  At least for special occasions but I would love it for everyday wear too!   

3.  "Magnetic Polish"                                                  
  •  contents - magnetic nail polish
  •  magnetic slicers
  •  nail buffer 
Younique's  Magnetic Polish collection is out of this world!  It is so easy too that my 8 year old can do it on herself!  First, you pick the color you want.   Then painting one nail at a time, you simply paint one thick coat of polish.  Within 20 seconds, you gently hold the magnet slicer above the nail for 20 seconds.  The fibers are attracted to the magnetic design,and leave a pattern on your nail for a epic, trendy look. If you want,  you can spray them with a  coat of Younique's nail dryer spray to help them dry faster because if you are anything like me, someone always seems to need something from me before my nails are all the way dry so the faster the better!    

Reija demonstrating the Fiber Mascara from the "Moon Struck" Collection

Peggy won a 2 hour massage gift card to Massage Envy. We think she was excited!


Jess demonstrating Younique's fabulous magnetic nail polish


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