Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School!


  Hi my friends!  Today is an exciting day for me!  4 out of my 7 kids are back in school!  I hear some moms say that they don't like when their kids go back to school...not this momma.  I feel like my kids need a break from me and I need a break from them so it is a win-win situation!  I love routine too.  I get too relaxed in the summer and we don't have much structure, which does have its advantages, (like no homework!)  I feel like my kids do better with more structure.  Then when they are home, I feel like I am such a better mom!  I do love being a mom!  We just all need a break, even from the things we love. 
     Also, football season has begun.  My boys have always wanted their numbers shaved in the back of their heads so I gave in this year and did it for them.  Hopefully I win the "Coolest Mom" of the year award.  We also have a little Bingham cheerleader at our house who is pretty excited too!  Go Miners!  I actually got a little chilly at a football game the other night and came home a sprayed a yummy cinnamon spray in my house that reminds me of fall.  I love fall and love decorating for Halloween.  I am obsessed with owls this family teases me because I don't even really know why I like them so much!  Maybe it is because they are known for being really wise...I want to be wise when I grow up.   

      The most exciting thing I am looking forward to this fall is that Younique is launching!  October 1st is the big day and I can not wait! 
     As I mentioned on my Youniquely Me by Jessica page, I am not content with all the stuff I have to do as a mom.  The laundry, cleaning, running kids around, cooking, Dr. and dentist appts, homework, birthday parties, grocery shopping, etc. day after day get monotonous for me.  I wouldn't rather be doing anything else but hopefully you other moms out there catch my drift! 
     I have always needed a creative outlet.  I love to work with my hands and create things.  Now especially, I am fascinated with the computer world and the internet.  It is the future.  I love the fact that I can do some much from home.  I love to do shopping online and pay a little extra to have it shipped right to my front door.  Time is what I don't have much of.  I even have toothpaste, paper towels and toilet paper shipped to my house sometimes!  The reason is, we go through so much of this as a household that when I go to the store and get a couple big packages of paper towels and toilet paper, there is no room left for any other groceries! 
     So, now with this unique company called Younique, you can own and run your very own business without even leaving your house!  You can always work in your pajamas if you want!  Your friends will never even know!  You just become a Presenter like I am going to become October 1st ( you can get more info on the website at and then invite friends to hosts parties or become Presenters, just by using Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Then your friends tell their friends, they tell their friends, and we will get the word out!  It is going to be fabulous!  I think I am going to make a paper chain for how many days left til Oct.  1st!   

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