Monday, May 5, 2014

Fabulous food and fun at Olive Garden! The LOVE IT Guarantee!

Last week we had a Younique First Ladies girls night out which we called "A VERY important business meeting!"  It really was just for fun but we did share ideas and all came away ready to conquer the world!  These women are so inspiring!  I love having friends from all over!
My cut sis Nat working her magic on the waitress!
Telling her about our amazing 3 D Fiber Lashes!

Cute Jen rubbing Nat's Younique bracelet you get when you turn green
status!  She is rubbing it for good luck!

Nat working her magic on a customer waiting for her date!  Nat is awesome!  She is fearless!

I love all these beautiful ladies who are all "Younique"!  

We take our job VERY seriously!

Don't you love Nat's face, right in front in the black?  She cracks us all up!  
Love her to pieces!

I LOVE giving prizes to my amazing leaders!  They
all work so hard and are rockstars!

Jen is a rockstar!

She has gorgeous hair!

Sadie was our first winner!

Strike a pose...VOGUE!

Sadie is adorable!  

Nat and Steph!

Cute Steph was our next winner!

We love Younique's Lucrative Lip Gloss!
Order yours here:

Isn't Tati gorgeous?  You should have seen her eye makeup that night!
Prizes, prizes! 

Colleen helped with the drawing!
Look how gorgeous Steph is!

Jana is a riot!  

Jana won a prize too!

A Younique purple necklace
but she liked it as a crown for the night!

I dig her shirt!  Don't you?

Love my cute lil" sis Nat!  I am so proud of her success!
Even with 4 kids!  She is amazing!

Princess Jana!

Jen practicing her face for when she hits PINK!

Nat and Steph working their Younique business!

Thanks for dinner Younique!

Love paying for dinner with money earned from
playing with makeup and on Facebook!

Jen and Nat!  

I ran out of my moisturizer, then it went on backorder, so my face is SO grateful I have some more again!  Seriously!  I woke up a couple of times in the night to feel my face!  I am not kidding!  I LOVE the way it makes it feel!  

Here is the Younique guarantee!  You have nothing to lose!  Try any of Younique's products risk free!

Til next time my friends....



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