Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do you know anyone in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK??? If you had one wish...

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by!  I need your help!  Younique has launched in Australia and New Zealand and will launch in the U.K. later this year.  My problem?  I know a lot of people but not in those countries!  The few leads I have had have been dead ends but I am not giving up!  I am bound and determined to grow a strong team in each of these countries!  Can you help me out???  I give awesome referral gifts!  Please let me know asap if you can help me out.  I would be so grateful!

If you had one wish, what would it be?  More time?  More money?  Health?  Super powers? OTHER?

Mine would to be content in what ever stage of life I am in, what ever stage I am in with each kid and not wish the time away, to be content with the amount of money I have and not want for more...of course I would want to continue to grow, learn and set goals.  I would say I am pretty content in my marriage to my sweetheart Scott.  He is such an amazing, wonderful man.  I am really the luckiest girl in the world.  He is a great husband, father and role model for our family.  I wish he could see through my eyes how I see him because sometimes he is too hard on himself.  I love him with all my heart.  He is such a hard worker.  He is patient with me and very understanding.  He is supportive of my crazy life and the chaos that I bring upon my self.  When I am stressed, he calms me and asks me what he can to do help.  I think that is one of my most favorite things about him.  I really would like to know what your one wish would be.  Please leave a comment for me!  It would really mean a lot to me!

I had a rough 8 year marriage before I married Scott and now is not the time to go into details about that marriage.  I will tell you something I have learned.  You find what you are looking for.  There was a Grandpa telling his Grandson that there were two wolves inside him at battle.  One is good, kind, and positive.  The other is evil, mean and cruel.  The Grandson asked his Grandpa which one will win.  The Grandpa told him, "The one I feed."  The moral of the story?  If you look for the negative and focus on it, that is what you are going to find.  If you look for the positive and focus on that, you will find it too!  Dr.  Laura shared this story in her book , The proper care and feeding of husbands.  I believe it wholeheartedly.

I just CAN'T get enough of Younique!  I eat, sleep and drink it!  After my family, of course!  That is the beauty of the job.  The flexibility!  I love that I can be home with my kids or pick them up from school in less  than five minutes if they are sick.  Right now, my adorable little 4 year old is playing barbies and I am just on my computer in her room because she likes to be around me.  My office is mobile and it rocks!  I feel SO blessed and I love that it has blessed over 833 beautiful and talented women on my team!  Last week I was at 800.  It is so fun to watch this grow!

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