Thursday, January 2, 2014

WOW!!! What a difference a year can make!!!

Hi Friends~

12 months is a long time in some ways and not in others.  I wanted to show a picture of one of the top recruiters with Younique and how her numbers have changed in the last year. Her name is Nicole and she is originally from Idaho but her hubby is a pilot so they now live in the North Pole, AK.

It is a little difficult to read but the main things I wanted to point out is how her company sales have gone from $2,100 last year to $774,000 this year!!!  Isn't that amazing?  So, you know that her commission checks have sky rocketed too!  I know for a fact that in the month of Nov.  2013 she made $26,000!  Can you even imagine?  I am ecstatic for her.  I know she has worked so hard.

I am super excited and proud of my team.  Last Jan. (2013) I had 15 women on my team.  As of today, I have 138!  They are all over the U.S. and I love and adore them!  In fact, a few days after Christmas we got together with a group that were home from Christmas visiting family in Salt Lake and I had never met 5 of them.  When I saw them, I felt like I knew them from FB but to actually hug them and get to know them personally was so much fun!  I feel like a mother hen and my team is all my adorable little chicks and their success is my success!  I couldn't be more proud of them.  They are helping me reach my goals and dreams and together we are doing great things!  My goal this year is to double that number.  I even believe we can exceed that.  I seriously feel this instant love and bond for any woman that joins Younique, whether they are on my team or not!  We are changing lives and helping women to feel beautiful and it is so rewarding!!!

Do you know what a Younique virtual party is and why you should have one?  If not, watch this!!!  Just copy and paste the following link into your browser and sit back and relax!

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