Friday, December 27, 2013

Bermuda, Greece, or both? Younique 2014!!!

Incentive trips!  

Today Younique announced that the incentive trips for this year are:

I am so excited I can't stand it!  Can you imagine?  Who wants to come on this with me and my husband?  I can assure you I will be on these trips!  I believe desire creates the power!  I LOVE cruises and it is definitely time for one!  And to have them all paid for???  It doesn't get any better than that!  I shall post the details later when I learn more about what the requirements are to qualify!

My heart was so full of gratitude this year and I think that is why it was a wonderful Christmas.  Last year we were in a financial situation where we had to accept help from parents or Christmas for the kids would NOT have happened.  That was very humbling and it is difficult to swallow your pride.  However, this year, we were in a better situation thanks to Younique!!!  I was able to pay for Christmas for the 9 of us almost completely with my cute little purple Younique debit card!  Can I even tell you how empowering that was???  There aren't words to describe it.  My husband thanked me several times and that was wonderful also, to know that I had relieved some of his stress.  Did I mention that I paid for Christmas with only the commissions that I made in November?  Just to give you an idea of how my team has grown, last Jan. I had 15 people on my team.  I now have 118 and I am so happy and excited!  It is so fun to watch it grow and continue to change women's lives!  It is a wonderful company to be a part of and there is a wonderful sisterhood with my team members, The Younique First Ladies!

I LOVE YOUNIQUE and am SO GRATEFUL to be a part of it!!!

We just hit 7,000 Presenters this week.   That is unbelievable considering that we only launched in Nov. of 2012!

Here is the Christmas card that I posted on FB and sent out to close friends and family.  Happy Holidays to all!

Til next time...

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