Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roller Derby! What in the world is a Younique Virtual Party?

I am so excited!  My team is growing! We are changing lives!  We are helping women feel beautiful!  
My darling friend Kersten Robbins joined the Younique Family today!  She is Presenter #2625.  
She is spunky, fun, does ROLLER DERBY and is an amazing cook!  She loves make-up and is very artistic and talented.  I am honored to be her sponsor!  I can't wait to watch her succeed!  She is going to take off and run with Younique!  She is going to be the rockstar to watch!  Welcome Kersten!  Welcome to out team...
The Younique First Ladies!  

Here is a short video introducing the amazing Kersten Robbins! 


My Younique news of the Week  

Here is a video explaining what in the world a Younique Virtual Party is and WHY you should have one!

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