Friday, October 11, 2013

Most hilarious ebay story ever!!!

     So my cute sister Nat is the ebay master.  She will have close to 100 items for sale on ebay at a time and even has an "ebay room" at her house.  She goes to second hand stores and buys name brand children's clothing and people buy it like crazy.  Especially cowboy boots.  She told me a story last week that is too funny not to share!  In fact, my Dad heard it and has said that he has been at work and will just bust up laughing out loud thinking about it!
     My sister had listed for sale and baby Harley Davidson jacket.  It was reversible but on one side, the sleeves had a few little TEARS.  She listed that in the description very clearly.  Let's call this  lady "Sue".  Well, Sue caught the auction at the very end and didn't notice until after she had won the item that it had some TEARS in it.  She sent my sister a "I am not happy" message that said this:

"Dear ebay Seller,

I am very disappointed.  I caught the auction at the end and just noticed your description.  You said there were TEARS in the jacket, like the water that comes out of your eyes.  I don't know if I even want the item anymore."

So my awesome sister responded with the following:

"Dear Sue,

I am so sorry you are not happy.  Here are a couple of definitions.

 1.  TEARS:  a drop of the saline, watery fluid lubricating the eye and sometimes flowing from it
 2.  TEARS:  a rip or a hole

What would you like me to do?


The item was $7.50 and was paid for my Sue in a matter of minutes.  OOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS!  I guess she felt pretty silly!

The moral of the story?  Before you chew someone out, make sure you know how to spell.  LOL

Tears or Tears?  



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