Monday, June 3, 2013

The Mayheim of our June Summer Picnic!

I LOVE summer!  Here was the menu for our Summer Picnic! 

BBQ Chicken sandwhiches
Potato Salad
Baked Beans
Home made rootbeer

      Yesterday was a beautiful summer day. We were meeting the Fam at 5:00 at Draper Park. We were actually the first family there. Surprise, surprise! At the pavilion, the plugs were about 5 feet off the ground. Not convenient for crock pots containing bake beans and 20 lbs. of chicken that had been cooking for 22 hours so it was extremely tender! So, we called the parents to bring either an exension cord or a card table.  I promise thta last sentence is relevant to our story. 

  •                           YUMMY!!!

  •           Yummy for our tummy! 


We were starving so we had watermelon for our appetizers!  It works, huh? 

Loving me some of my nephew, baby Kingston! 

The King is 4 months old.
I LOVE this age and I LOVE being an aunt! 
Avi and Lilly, such cute cousins!    We love our silly Melanie!  We love to call her Moo Moo! 

  My handsome hubby Scott and my darling nephew the King!

Moo and Londy, crazy watermelon-eating girls! 

My favorite thing about these two cuties is that they get so excited to see each other! 
Lilly is 3 and Emmy, her cousin, is 2! 

My Dad and my brother, Lance! 

My Mom and my sister Ali!
Everything was just great!  We were so excited to eat!  My Dad had brought a card table to hold the food items that were in the crock pots.  We were just getting ready to say a blessing on the food and then we heard a loud crash!  The card table had fallen over, taking all the food with it and breaking our crock pots to pieces! I just started laughing!  What more could I do?  We just all kind of stood there in shock, dumbfounded by what had happened!  My cute dad then ran to KFC to get out main dish.  It was a bit of a mess to clean up but as you can see, my cute mom was to the rescue!  We didn't let this rain on our parade, we still had a great time! 

This is when you really wish you had a dog to clean up all the mess. 

And the winner of the 2013 best mom of the year award goes
to Peggy Bradshaw!

We still had a great party!
Family is what it really is all about!
I am so grateful for my family
and that I live near to both
my family and my husband's family. 

Our 11 year old Walker loved spinning upside down! 
It would make me so sick!

My two favorit hubby Scott and my dad.
They are my heros.  I am so grateful for all they do
for me and my family.  Love you guys! 
 Love your twinner
My Younique news of the week! 
There has never, ever been a better time to become a Younique Presenter!  I seriously wish I would have signed up this month!  The kit is AMAZING!  And, it is going up in price in July so if you are on the fence about joining, get off the fence now and sign up to be a Younique Presenter!  I love my job!  I love working from home!  I love helping women feel beautiful!  It is only a $99.00 investment to become a Presenter.  Here is what you get for your $99.00!
Both pictures are of the same kit, just displayed differently. 

The cost will be $99 ($119 Canadian)
 but in July the cost will go up to $129 ($149 Canadian) -
this kit includes
15 shimmer pigments 1 gm
5 blushers 1 gm
6 concealers 1 gm
eye brush set
3D fiber lashes
$33 Younique Cash
$25 Younique cash annually on birthdays
Year website
Presenter guide
White charm
Founding presenter charm
and if in Canada also the founding Canadian Charm
S E R I O U S L Y ! ! !
What an incredible deal for owning your own busiess!
You will have everything you need to start being your own boss!
Setting your own hours!
Working from home!
Not having to answer to anyone!

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