Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our daughter Whitney modeling for Sage and Harper

Proud mama moment and proud sister moment!  So, this beautiful young woman is our beautiful 18 year old daughter Whitney.  She is my step daughter but I don't use the word step.  I wanted to add that though  because then when I brag about her beauty, I don't feel boastful because I didn't create her!  LOL  I just get to enjoy her beauty!  Isn't she gorgeous???

The proud sister moment comes from the gorgeous bags she is modeling.  My adorable younger sister Ali started a hand bag company call Sage and Harper.  Years ago, when she first told me about her idea, I shot it down in a heart beat!  I said, "Ali, you don't make money with crafts!  I have tried and tried and tried to sell things I have made and you make about 5 cents an hour!"  Boy do I stand corrected!!!  She has taken this thing and has run with it!  I am SO proud of her and am her biggest cheerleader!  Check out her beautiful urban goods at


My Younique news of the week!  

We are launching in the UK on October 1 st and I could not be more excited!!!  I have met some adorable gals that I have been working with and I am SO excited for us to launch there so they can be on my team!  They are going to ROCK STARS!!!  If you know anyone in the UK and they join my team, I give generous gifts for referrals!  

Here are the new products that are now for sale.  I have tried them all and love them all!  

Visit to order these amazing products.

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