Monday, February 10, 2014

The Younique First Ladies...322 amazing ladies!!!

My team is growing every day and I could not be prouder or more grateful!  We now have 322 amazing Presenters on The Younique First Ladies.  I told someone at church yesterday that we were at 308...14 new Presenters in one day is AMAZING!!!   This momentum is awesome!  I had a new Presenter sign up today whose number was 13357! I thought we were still in the 12,000s!   Her name is Venice Walker!  I don't know much about her yet but I am honored to be her sponsor!  Isn't she beautiful?  

February is Black History month.  Below is the beautiful Nana Merriwether.  She is wearing all Younique produdcts!  What an honor!

 Younique is coming out with 3 new shades of BB cream.  I LOVE BB CREAM!  I have never used it before and I can't believe I lived without it!  It is great for dark circles under your eyes.  It is a tinted moisturizer so I put it on everyday no matter what...even if I am not going to put any other make up on.  It is light and has a SPF of 15.

Here is a super cool story and the CEO of Younique, Derek Maxfield.  He took his family to Red Robin in Provo tonight and the waitress recognized him and told him that she was also a Younique Presenter.  He asked what her Presenter number was and then left her a tip so the total was 10% of her number!  So, he left her a $209.00 tip!  How cool is that?  It just shows what this company is about and who is at the head of it.  

I am so grateful...I hit ORANGE last month!  That means a big fat raise for me!  I feel so, so, so, blessed!  I couldn't have done it without awesome customers and my amazing Younique First Ladies!  It was a $500 raise...not to shabby if I do say so myself!  Did you get a $500 raise last month?  Then we should totally have a chat!!!  Email me today!

Now my goal is PURPLE!!!  Wish me luck!!!

Had to throw in this picture for fun...this is my
adorable mother-in-law and our beautiful daughter
Whitney.  She is 5 ft.  10 1/2 in.  This is one of my
favorite pictures ever!

Til next time!!!

Thanks for reading!  

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