Monday, September 9, 2013

Make-Over Mania!

So seriously?  I have the greatest job ever!  It doesn't even feel like work!  It is just playing beauty shop and helping women feel beautiful!  I have been offering free make-overs to my friends and family in order to practice the make-up techniques that I learned in August at our amazing Younique convention.  I took two awesome make-up classes and I have been dying to practice and play!  I wanted to post before and after pictures so you could see the transformation.  Some are more conservative looks and some are just for fun and more wild and crazy!

Stunning Sarah! 

Purples looked amazing with Sarah's gorgeous eyes.  We used FLIRTY and REGAL.  Her lashes were so thick and long with Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes!  We also used Frivolous as her concealer color which made her complexion gorgeous.  She had a wedding later that day and was so excited to go and show off her new look!    

                 Marvelous Melanie!   

Melanie is so adorable.  Her lashes are unbelievable long and looked even more so with 3D Fiber Lashes!  We used AWESTRUCK, FLIRTY and REGAL.  I love her cute lil' freckles and her gorgeous red hair!  

     Knockout Kim!
We took Kim way out of her comfort zone because her friends say she is the "edgey" one.  We used HEAVENLY on the top for her eye-liner and I loved it.  It totally made her eyes pop!  She was so sweet to bring me a drink too.  Thanks my friend!  

This in my Younique display in my salon in my basement! 
 Just in case you couldn't tell!  

 Magnificent Melodie!  

This little darling was so fun to do a makeover on!  She was just moving down to BYU to start her Masters program so she needed a little bit more of a professional look.  We used  SEXY, CURIOUS, CONFIDENT, and DEVIOUS for eye liner.  Doesn't she look fantastic?  She may not be very tall but she has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen and is so fun to be around!  Not to mention her gorgeous smile!

 Jubilant Julie

Julie was so much fun to give a makeover to. She is such a sweetheart and was so kind to let me practice the techniques I learned at Younique's Convention.  We used the color FRIVILOUS for her concealer.  The eye pigments we used were FLIRTY, CURIOUS, REGAL and SEXY.  We then, of course, used Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes!  Doesn't she look gorgeous?  I love how her eye brows turned out.   

Darling Denise! Denise has the most beautiful eyes ever!  Her skin is a little more oily like mine so a powder concealer is ideal for her.  We just did a fairly natural look with SEXY, CURIOUS, and CONFIDENT.     Isn't she lovely?  

Cute Christine! 

Can I even tell you how much I love this woman?  I have known her for a very long time and I look up to her so much, even though I technically look down at her because I am lots taller than her!  I loved how her make-up turned out.  We did FLIRTY, CURIOUS, REGAL and Sexy.  We used our 3D Fiber Lashes as well as our Concealer.  She looked gorgeous and I am not just saying that since I did her make-up!   

Lovely Lexi!  

I met Lexi's mom when she was pregnant with Lexi so I have know this cutie for a long time!  We did a very natural look, as she is only 13 and doesn't wear a lot of make-up.  We used SEXY and CURIOUS and then 3D Fiber Lashes.  She is so beautiful naturally that she doesn't need much.  

Adorable Katie!   

Is Katie gorgeous or what?  She has amazing skin and gorgeous eyes.  We did one of my favorite looks, purple! We used Frivolous as her concealer color.  On her eyes we used REGAL, FLIRTY, SEXY and CURIOUS to highlight!  She loved how she looked and that is the funnest part of my job!  Helping women feel beautiful!  

Sweet Kelsey!  

Kelsey is such a doll.  She is in 8th grade so we wanted to give her a look that didn't make her look like she was 18!  Dad would NOT have been happy with me.  We used Frivolous for her concealer and on her eyes we used just CONFIDENT and SEXY.  Not only is Kelsey gorgeous, she is so talented too!  

Cute Taylor!  

Taylor is Kelsey's little sister.  She loves to play with make-up and always comes up with fun creations on her own!  We wanted to do something a little more wild and she is not afraid of color!  I felt like an artist with a blank canvas!  We did what I like to call the peacock look.  I used PLAYFUL, AWESTRUCK, FAMOUS and REGAL!  Isn't it beautiful?  She loved it so much.  It was fun to see her so happy.  She has the most gorgeous color hair too.  I told her people pay a lot of money to have that color of hair! 

 Last but not least, my adorable little three year old Lilly wanted to play with make-up too!  I told her we could do a peacock look but she was more excited about just doing blue and green.  I used HEAVENLY and FAMOUS and of course, don't forget the lashes!  I sure love my little punkin, she is so girly!

This is NO joke!  This was taken on a Sunday afternoon.  I took a two hour nap and even used an eye mask so it would be dark. ( Don't think that I get to do this too often...I would take a nap everyday if I could but with 7 kids, ya right!)  I woke up and my make-up looked just as good as it did when I did it that morning!  That is how good Younique's mineral eye pigments stay on!  Especially when used with the Glorious Primer.  I got so many compliments on this look too which is always fun, let's be honest!  I used HEARTBROKEN, CONFIDENT, SEXY and DEVIOUS.  Great mixture for Fall!


Til next time girlfriends!  Oh and by the way, we have close to 1,900 Presenters!  Awesome, huh?

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