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This past weekend was the Inagural Convention for Younique in Park City, UT at the Canyons Resort.  
Talk about amazing! 

The Founder of Younique, Derek Maxfield and the Co-founder, Melanie Huscroft and I!  They are brother and sister and I love the neat relationship they have.  

There were classes on make-up, social media and new tools for our websites.  SO EXCITING!!! 

My cute friends Claudia and Andrea...


Tiffany won this awesome gift basket!  Younique definitely spoils its Presenters!
 I learned so much at the make-up class.  Cherise Wayman was incredibly talented!  It was such a pleasure being taught by her.  

Me and my cute fellow 

hairdresser from Florida!  

The food was divine!  I loved not having to cook or clean it up!  
 We each got a large purple bag with 5 products wrapped and numbered.  It was like Christmas unwrapping them and seeing what the new 5 products are for fall!
BB Flawless (3 shades)
Lucrative Lipstick (10 luscious colors)
Refreshed Rose Water
Awake Facial Cleanser
Brilliant Moisturizer
Plus a new, small Younique Black Case!

Derek's sister Sherilyn was the one who planned the event.  She is so talented and did an amazing job.  I loved everything about what we did and where it took place.  

 How cool!  This is my friend Nicole Smith and she is from the North Pole in Alaska!  She was the very first prize...a trip to Hawaii!

 Tiffany also won an amazing prize...a $500 visa gift card!  

This gal from Canada won a Coach purse and wallet!  

Anxiously waiting to open the new products!

Can't wait to try our BB Flawless!  It is BB cream which is a tinted moisturizer.  Available in the fall and in three shades.   

We got over $400 worth of product for FREE!  The rose water I really like.  It smells heavenly and it helps to apply the pigments easier, sealing them better than water in my opinion.   

This is on of my favs...a moisturizing gel that has moisturizing floating bubbles in it.  It is beautiful!   The picture on the right is my friend Claudia holding the darling container that the 10 lipgloss colors come in!  Below on the right, I got my picture taken with a Rainbow!  
That is her name!  Is that the cutest?  
She is from Pocatello, ID.  


Alicia, Sheena, me, Debi and a new friend!  Excited to learn more about make-up!

Alicia and Sheena!  Love these girls!  
 The Co-founder Melanie and I!  I met her in Oct. of 2011 at a home party.  I am so grateful I was in the right place at the right time!

Below is Melanie, Debi and I.  Melanie and Debi were roommates years ago at Ricks College.  They have such funny stories to tell!  Debi is one of the top Presenters and she won a huge screen T.V.!  Way to go Deb!

Cute Cherise, the talented make-up artist who
 taught our make-up classes.  


Sheena was the model...Isn't she adorable? 
 She is from Denver and has 4 adorable little boys.  

I won a pair of Younique branded glasses with lots of yummy candy in a darling pink bag.  I am holding up seven fingers because that is how many kids I left at home and that was the most in the class!  

Make-up then...

Younique now!!!

We were so excited!  Another gift for all of us!  Sample sizes of all of our mineral make-up!   

The food was marvelous!
My friends to the right guessed it was perfume...they were trying to catch a wiff... 
 The fun continued at night!!!
4 out of my 5 daughters came up to have a sleepover and enjoy my lovely hotel room!  They swam and watched movies and I would just spend time with them here and there when I had a break and at night.  I love my girls with all my heart.  They are so beautiful on the inside and 
out and I love to be with 

them.  They are so much fun! 
Janessa:  19
Kaitlyn:  12
Melanie:  9
Lilly:  3



I am so blessed!
I love Younique! 
Life is good!  

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