Monday, November 19, 2012

Proud Mamma Moments









      I truly believe in reading to kids from a very young age.  I do many things wrong as a mom but that is one thing I have really tried to do.  I feel like my kids have really benefited from it and are better readers because of it.  I really enjoy our special reading time.  Am I perfect at it?  No but I sure try and that is all we really can do, right? 

I put this picture on my blog today because it was one of those proud mamma moments.  I had washed my California king sheets that are not easy to put back on.  In fact, I usually rope my hubby into helping me.  My joke is always, "Babe, only 4 more months til couples sheet putting on Olympics!"  Or something like that!  Anyhow, I was busy with my 2 year old and I walked in my room and my 9 year old had put on our sheets all by herself!  The top of the sheet that has a wider band was on the side and that is what this is a picture of.  The point was, she had tried her hardest and that is a big job even for me, let alone her!  I was so proud of her.  I went on and on about it too!  In fact, they are still like that.  I just figured I would leave them like that til I wash them next.  Proud mamma moment, that is for sure! 

My next proud mamma moment came when my son had some change and got a tupperware out to put it in.  (And I always wonder why I have so many without matching lids or vice versa!  That never happens at your house, right?)  Anyhow, I found this later and I just thought it was so cute.  I love how kids have high hopes and high dreams.  He did get about five bucks and then was dying to spend it but the point was that I thought it was so cute that he had done this and I love his 10 year old left handed writing. 

My Younique news of the week is that Leggies are now on sale!  They are cute, fun, flirty, comfortable and stylish!  They weren't supposed to be available til Dec. but they became available early!  They are only $19.00.  I think that is a killer deal.  They are SO cute!  The Leggies are 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.  They are 14 inches tall.  They only have a limited supply so if you are interested, order now!  The other awesome thing is that you can order as many sets as
you want and only pay $5.00 shipping no matter what! 
Here is the link that will take you right where you need to be! 

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