Monday, November 12, 2012

I need your help! 

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G U E S S   W H A T ? ? ?

Younique Products are finally available for purchase! 

GREAT ideas for Christmas gifts!

The Moodstruck Eye Collection

  • Your choice of 4 mineral pigment eye shadows (15 colors to choose from)
  • One set of 3D fiber lashes ( more details below)
  • Set of 3 make-up brushes, very high quality
  • Beautiful black box for storage
  • $99.00 for entire kit, can be purchased separately.  Purchase whole kit for 20% savings. 
  • Here is the link to my website to purchase the Moodstruck Eye Collection

Magnetic Nail Polish Set

      How does magnetic nail polish work?  This is the coolest stuff!  There are tiny magnetic fiber in the polish.  You paint it on, then place a magnet directly above the nail without touching the nail.  You hold it there for 20 seconds.  The fibers are attracted to form the design of what ever magnetic slicer you have chosen.  It looks 3D and super fun! 


Younique's 3D fiber lashes
This is probably one of the most amazing products I have ever seen!  It comes in a 2 step process.  I think it works best to first apply a thin coat of your favorite mascara.  Let it dry and then curl your lashes.  Next, put on a coat of the transplanting gel and immediately put on the 2nd step which is the actual fibers.  They look like a bunch of tiny little hairs that make your lashes almost look furry!  Then, finish up with your favorite mascara to seal it.  Voila!  A 300% increase in length, thickness and noticeability!  Beautiful!  Below is a picture of my friend who has demonstrated it on one eye and not the other. 

If you want to earn extra income or get 25% off product, you should become a Younique Presenter!  It is only $99.00 and is so easy!  Try the product, love the product, tell others about the product, get paid for selling the product!  You can do this all from your own home too!  How cool is that? 

The Younqiue First Ladies Launch P A R T Y ! 

In fact, this Thursday, Nov. 15th from 7 - 8 p.m. We are having a launch party for The Younique First Ladies!  We are encouraging anyone who would like to learn more about this unique business opportunity.  Melanie Huscroft, the Co-founder of Younique, will be with us that night to help answer any questions.  Come for food, fun, friends and to learn about owning your own business!  Creating your own hours!  Being your own boss!  I live in South Jordan, UT.  Please email me for my address.  Thanks!
I am please to feature my baby sis this week.  Her name is Ali Fenlon and she and a friend own Jekatree handbags.  When she first told me about her idea, I wasn't very encouraging.  I had sold crafts over the years and learned you don't make a lot of money.  Especially here in Utah.  I am so glad she didn't listen to me!  I am so glad she has pursed her dream!  She has done an amazing job and has built quite the clientele and are now in several shops as well.  I couldn't be more proud of her.  She is an amazing seamstress and makes incredible handbags, hair accessories, Ipad covers and more!  Check out her website for her amazing products!
They recently won this award!  So cool, huh! 
Pretty proud of the picture in the top left hand is my daughter
Whitney modeling for Jekatree! 
Above, a couple more pictures of Whitney. 
Above is Ali's daughter Avalon modeling their Mini-me collection for little girls.  So adorable! 
Here is a little bio about Ali (on the left) and her friend Jessica who are the Co-founders of Jekatree. 
Jessica graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors in Interior Design, and an Art Minor. She has taken that education, and her 5+ years of residential design experience, to a whole new level with her inspired product design. She is the sole designer of each handbag and cuts out every individual bag by hand. Her love of fabric and natural ability to mix patterns and colors has allowed her to create hundreds of unique combinations. She is the mom to two darling girls {Olivia 3, Lyla 1}, and has a rockstar husband who has never once complained about the mounds of fabric all over their house!

Ali graduated from Snow College, and went on to manage a local retail store for the next 3 years. She is the master seamstress behind Jeka Tree, who has single handily sewn each bag by hand... and all with her non-industrial Kenmore sewing machine! She was taught how to sew by her mother and grandmother, and it has become one of her most cherished talents. She is the mother to two energetic and adorable girlies {Avalon 3, Amelia 1}, and has a talented business man for a husband!
Way to go talented girls!  Can't wait to see where you go from here! 

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